One Great Hour of Sharing Resources

One Great Hour of Sharing Resources

One Great Hour of Sharing® is the Lenten Offering of the United Church of Christ that supports disaster, refugee, and development actions.  The suggested offering date for the One Great Hour of Sharing offering in 2015 has passed, however but gifts may be shared at any time.  The suggested offering date in 2016 is March 6.

Make your gift through your local United Church of Christ congregation. Gifts go through your Conference for record keeping, and then arrive at the United Church of Christ, 700 Prospect Avenue, Financial Services 6th Floor, Cleveland, Ohio 44115.  Gifts may also be made by clicking on the donate button. Please give generously!  Thank you.


2016 OGHS Offering Resources









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 2015 Offering Resources

The Planning and Resource Guide and 2014 Annual Mission Report are available in electronic or print versions:




 To find other stories that help share the message of how One Great Hour of Sharing transforms life, visit:

Other available resources:

Sermon Starter

Worship Resources

Mission Minutes

Childrens Sermons


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