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“You are God’s field; God’s building.”

Through the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering, we are planting seeds of new life.

Together, we are investing in communities worldwide: providing education to girls and boys, empowering communities through vocational
training, supporting microcredit lending and seeing people through to self-sufficiency, empowering families with skills to support themselves and their neighbors, and participating in sustainable solutions that offer dignity to all.

These are just a few ways the OGHS offering touches God’s children, in addition to disaster relief and refugee initiatives.

Through your generosity, the world is a better place. But more is needed. Today, you have an opportunity to plant seeds into the lives of others. Be a co-worker with God. Building, planting, watering…and trusting that God gives growth to all good gifts shared in faith. Thank you for your partnership. Thank you for your generosity


Invest in Futures

In Thailand, a 13-year-old girl arrives at the New Life Center, seeking reliefInsert_girl.jpg
from the cruel conditions that have brought her here. Her life up to this
point has been mostly about survival. Here, she meets others like her. Some
are survivors of sexual abuse, domestic violence or human trafficking. Some
have been forced to work when they wanted to go to school.

What will the future be like when she is empowered to share her gifts with
her community and the world?

At the New Life Center, she is met with the investment of time, support,
and resources. And she is loved. She is allowed to imagine a new future.
Finishing school. Learning a trade. Even going to University to earn a degree.
In I Corinthians 3:9 Paul writes that we are all co-workers together in God’s
service. Some of us plant. Some of us water. But God gives the growth. Paul
reminds us that we are all called into the service of God, who cares for each
and every one of us. What could the future be like when we work to plant
and water together, and trust God to give the growth?

When you give to One Great Hour of Sharing, you invest in the futures of
these girls and countless others like them. Your gifts go to provide education,
vocational training, basic necessities, and much-needed community support.
When we share the love of Christ in this way, we see lives transformed. Not just
their lives, but ours as well. Because when we empower girls to build a life for
themselves, we help God build a better world for us all.

As we invest in futures and serve as co-workers with God, the future
becomes one of endless possibility and opportunity. What a great return on
our investment!


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