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A word from UCC Refugee and Migration Ministries on Ukraine

Ukraine Emergency Appeal

“Our prayers are with the people of the Ukraine as they navigate this frightening crisis. The below statement from our partners at Church World Service outlines ways that UCC churches and others can advocate and donate effectively to help. Although the United States does not neighbor the Ukraine and is unlikely to have a large refugee influx from this population at this time, there are ways we the Church can still empower with dignity those who are fleeing. Please stay tuned for updates from our office as we gather information about this ongoing situation.”

Read Feb.25, 2022 Statement: CWS Stands with Vulnerable Ukrainians and Calls for Upholding Protections for Displaced and At-Risk Populations

Webinars Available on Demand: Trauma-Informed Care Series
January 2022 “Cultural Humility vs Cultural Competency
February 2022 Trauma Informed Reflection Meeting
March 2022 “Toxic Charity” – Chaplain MacArthur Flournoy
April 2022 “The Power & Brain Chemistry of Human Connection” – Ellen Godby Carson 
May 2022 “Steps to Understanding Racial Bias When Working with Refugees

Alao Available on Demand: Ramadan in a New Country
Intro to Islam and Ramadan
Islam & Women, The “Stuff” of Ramadan
Lent, Advent and Ramadan

Resources for Welcoming Afghan and Other Refugees and SIVs
Refugee Boundary Training & NEW Match Grant Opportunity 
Training for UCC Churches: Serving Afghan Refugees 
Welcoming and Advocating for Afghan SIVs and Refugees: A Toolkit (Word download) (PDF download)
Webinar “Training for UCC Churches: Serving Afghan Refugees” (90 minutes)
Refugee Boundary Training & NEW Match Grant Opportunity 

Is your congregation discerning its role in resettling people from Afghanistan? Our goal is to support the development of a contextual plan for congregations to respond to this humanitarian crisis by helping to resettle this population across all the conference regions of the United Church of Christ. The number of anticipated arrivals is quite large, and the situation concerning Afghan humanitarian parole status is unusual, so success will require us all to work together and share resources. If you would like a contextual training for churches in your area, and learn more about your local resources, please contact the Rev. Irene Willis Hassan, Minister for Refugee and Migration Services,

“Now we are in different place, different culture, different everything.” Shaymaa, Iraqi refugee resettled in Pennsylvania

The United Church of Christ has a long history of providing welcome and creating robust structures of welcome for the resettlement of refugees and the protection of asylees within the United States while advocating for and responding to the needs of the displaced globally.

We’ve also accompanied asylum seekers as they have sought permanent sanctuary in the United States.

Around the world, the UCC supports local communities that welcome people fleeing the effects of war, violence, persecution and political disruption – whether those people are displaced within their country of origin or across a border into a neighboring country. This helps strengthen a delicate social balance for the well-being of all.

Finally, the UCC is present in the halls of Congress, working to protect the U.S. refugee resettlement program, advocate for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and work for world peace.

The United Church of Christ offers many opportunities to accompany refugees, including:

  • Church participation as welcome teams and volunteers with refugee resettlement offices across the United States.
  • Financial support through One Great Hour of Sharing for service to refugees, asylum seekers and asylees in the United States and worldwide.
  • Serving as UCC Partners in Service volunteers with refugee resettlement agencies and United States’ partner organizations serving asylum seekers.
  • As Global Ministries (Disciples//UCC), serving as volunteers and Global Mission Interns with partner churches and organizations serving refugees internationally.
  • Joining our Washington, D.C., public policy team in support of the Gospel call to “welcome the stranger” (Matthew 25:35).
  • Getting involved with your local office of any of the nine national refugee resettlement networks.
  • Giving financial and organizational support of specific refugee emergencies around the world.

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