Data Hub


The UCC Data Hub is the denominational, web-based database that contains all records for UCC congregations and authorized ministers. The database is managed by CARD and is used by conferences, associations, and local churches to provide directory and statistical information for the printed Yearbook, Access UCC, and Find A Church.

If you are authorized to access information in the Data Hub and need an account created, please send an email to Destiny Hisey, CARDD Associate Director, at or to Taylor Russell, Research Specialist, at

An upgrade was performed to the Data Hub in December 2020. Conference and Association data managers/editors should review this video prior to managing changes in standing or status.

Data Hub Training Video

Conference and Association staff must review this training prior to receiving access to the manage/edit the Data Hub.


The following videos and Information Sheets will be updated in Spring 2021 to reflect the upgraded site.

Data Hub Video Tutorials

How to Utilize the Group Management Function
(A walk through on how to create a group, add members to the group, and maintaining group records.)

The Professional Development/Training Tab
(Explains how to add, maintain, and track training/development sessions as needed.)

Adding Conference Information to the Conference Tab
(Provides a tutorial on how to update your conference and association contact information.)

How to Add a New Church
(A tutorial on how to avoid adding duplicate church records, as well as add a new church to the Data Hub.)

How to Update the Church Contact Information
(A step by step video on how to update the church contact information properly so that it may be found on the Find A Church website.)

How to Add and Remove a Person from a Church
(A walk through of how to add/remove a person called to serve in various ministry settings.)

Data Hub Necrology Guide
(A step-by-step tutorial on how to complete a deceased minister’s record in the Data Hub. This process ensures a minister will be recognized in the Yearbook and Directory and Access UCC.)

Data Hub Reports – Best Practice Guide
(A helpful guide to assist in navigating the Data Hub Reports)  

How to Generate Conference and Association Reports
(Provides instructions on how to filter data in order to generate, as well as export data reports.)

How to Search for a Church
(A guide on how to use the smart search function when looking for a church record.)

How to Search for a Person
(A guide on how to use the smart search function when looking for a person’s record.)

How to use the Data Hub as a Viewer
(An overview of the Data Hub features available to those with viewer privileges.)

Updating a Member in Discernment
(How to update an individual record with Member in Discernment status.)

Updating the Specialized Ministry Tab and Specialty Code for a Minister
(Provides instructions on how and when to update the specialized ministry tab. Also, instructions for updating the specialty code for a minister.)