Global H.O.P.E.

The Global H.O.P.E. team in United Church of Christ Wider Church Ministries brings together the UCC’s refugee and migration ministries, volunteer engagement, disaster response and recovery, and sustainable development support. The acronym H.O.P.E. makes clear the team’s vision: Humanitarian. Opportunities. Progress. Empowerment.

Global H.O.P.E. also distributes One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offerings and gifts to special appeals. Your support for OGHS and special appeals makes a tremendous impact close to home and all over the world. This report is updated monthly with grant awards made during the year. Appeals are currently active for COVID-19 response, 2021 Severe Storms, and Haiti. Gifts for supporting refugees can be made to the Refugee Emergency Fund.

Refugee & Migration Ministries provides welcome and create robust structures of welcome for the resettlement of refugees and the protection of asylees within the United States while advocating for and responding to the needs of the displaced globally.

Volunteer Ministries uplifts volunteer leadership for groups and individuals across the U.S.A. Our historic programs connect volunteer leaders with vibrant opportunities to learn, serve, and grown in faith.

Responding to the call of our Christ-centered faith, UCC Disaster Ministries supports holistic community recovery, worldwide, by engaging supporters, volunteers and partners to focus on preparedness, emergency relief and long-term recovery.

Recovering Hope is a ministry of emotional and spiritual care to address the emotional toll of the COVID-19 pandemic on millions of people in a limited amount of time.

A Message from
Global H.O.P.E. Team Leader

Under Global H.O.P.E. Team Leader the Rev. Joshua Baird (pictured), “The ministries that are a part of the Global H.O.P.E. team reflects Wider Church Ministries’ “glocal” focus, said the Rev. Karen Georgia Thompson, UCC Associate General Minister, Wider Church Ministries and Operations and Co-Executive for Global Ministries.

“They are global and local in scope,” she said, “providing opportunities for our congregations to be active participants with the ecumenical community in providing advocacy, humanitarian collaborative efforts and sustainable development.

Additionally, the name encapsulates the UCC vision for a just world for all. We are called to walk in solidarity with those who experience crisis and are in need of justice. The areas of disaster ministries, refugee and asylum ministries and sustainable development are areas where we must continue to foster hope and nurture the possibilities for a future where all have what they need.”

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