Refugee Emergency Fund

Select which fund you would like to support by clicking on the name of the fund below and following the instructions.

100% of funds designated for refugee emergency to the United Church of Christ are used for refugee assistance programming domestically or internationally.

  •    OGHS: One Great Hour of Sharing ® is the Lenten Offering of the United Church of Christ that supports disaster, refugee, and development actions.
  •    Emergency USA Fund:  Each year in the United States refugees are resettled and new immigrants face hurdles. Some situations are large enough to make the news.  Designating your donation to a refugee or immigration emergency within the United States enables the United Church of Christ to be even more deeply involved in these emergencies than otherwise possible.
  •    International Emergency Relief Fund:  Millions of people around the world are forcibly displaced either within or beyond their national borders. The United Church of Christ through UCC/Disciples’ Global Ministries and membership in worldwide church humanitarian organizations is well-placed to be deeply involved in refugee emergency relief and creating durable solutions for refugees. Donations to the International Emergency Fund enable the UCC to support specific refugee crises even more systemically and powerfully.

* Funds raised, in response to a specific solicitation, that exceed the amount necessary to respond fully to the designated disaster event will be directed towards other emergency-relief and disaster-preparedness efforts.