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UCC Conferences Offer Guidance for "Reopening" Decisions

United Church of Christ regional leaders have begun releasing recommendations to local churches about eventually reopening, as states around the country phase in a return to activities shuttered by COVID-19. These pandemic protocols offer congregations guidelines for deciding about when to return to in-person gatherings as areas of the U.S. gradually come out from under stay-at-home orders.

UCC Announces COVID-19 Financial Aid for Conferences, Churches, Authorized Ministers

The United Church of Christ National Setting is offering financial assistance to local churches, conferences and authorized ministers whose ministries have been challenged by the novel coronavirus pandemic. The grant application process opens June 1. 

Response to other disasters during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 doesn’t give other disasters a holiday. To the contrary, it complicates immediate response as evacuees and volunteers who come to help them struggle to “social distance” in food lines and shelters, including the thousands who right now are fleeing flooding and two dam breaches in Michigan, wildfires in Florida, and Cyclone Amphan in eastern India and Bangladesh. It also complicates long-term recovery from earlier disasters.

Safety first before reopening, UCC leaders urge churches

Leadership of the Wider United Church of Christ is urging the denomination's congregations to "wait until ALL safety concerns have been addressed" before going back to meeting in person. "Please make every decision based on how it will affect the most vulnerable among you," they write in their pastoral letter.

UCC Disaster Ministries grants COVID-19 relief funds to N.Y. Conference

United Church of Christ Disaster Ministries is contributing $25,000 to the UCC New York Conference for its work in the state hardest hit by novel coronavirus pandemic. This grant is the first in an unfolding multi-agency program of response to COVID-19. 

Urgent Needs

COVID-19 briefing from the UCC

The briefing separates facts from falsehoods and fear, supplying valuable information for ministry during the pandemic crisis. This resource is prepared by Barbara T. Baylor, MPH, Temporary Health Liaison serving on UCC's Wider Church Ministries - Humanitarian and Development Team.

UCC COVID-19 grants available

Resources for responding to the COVID-19 disaster

Coronavirus resources with special emphasis on disaster preparedness, response and recovery. Check back regularly for updates!

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