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2020 Updates

#TheUCCVotes #UCCVotamos | Tell Us Why You Vote

Join the campaign and tell us why it is important to you, as a person of faith, to get out the vote! Read the instructions here, and have your photo posted on our webpage!

Issue Education

We created a page with videos and resources dedicated to making the issues crucial in the 2020 elections feel a bit more manageable. Hear what UCC and ecumenical faith leaders specializing in these issues have to say, find links to important sources, and check out our issue one-pagers for candidate questions and more! Check it out!

Check Out Our Civic Action Center!

Check your registration status, find important dates for elections in your area, learn about candidates, and find the polling location nearest you, all from our Civic Action Center! Check it out here.

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The problems in our world often seem too big to confront. We see injustice every day and feel that change can’t or won’t happen. But our faith is infused with hope and built on a foundation of action. By serving the vulnerable, feeding the hungry, and standing in solidarity with the oppressed, we serve as God’s hands.

Voting is a natural extension of faithful action. The decisions made by our representatives have a wide reaching impact. We have enormous potential to make positive change. We must engage our legislators, vote, and encourage everyone in our communities to do the same.

Our faithful voice is needed. It is tempting to disengage from the political process. As people dedicated to creating a just world for all, we know we must be involved.

Join the Our Faith, Our Vote campaign. Discover how your congregation can participate in the electoral process through faithful, nonpartisan engagement. The United Church of Christ can help with resources on civic engagement, voter registration information, issue education, and voter mobilization.

This election season it is essential that people raise their voices and vote. Will you join us?

*Learn more about how your congregation can legally engage in the elections*

Lift Every Voice – An Invitation from Rev. Traci Blackmon

In Hebrew Scripture the word most often translated “voice” is “qol.” This is also the word translated as noise, or sound, or vote. In a broader sense, I would say the Hebrew word, qol, simply means letting oneself be heard.As people of faith, what is the noise we want to make in this election cycle? Read more.

Pictured: Plymouth UCC in Des Moines hosting a voter registration rally!

Traci Blackmon, Our Faith Our Vote