United Church of Christ

KYP: A celebration of ministry

A Fond Farewell
The United Church of Christ celebrates the 'faith and action' of Mary Schaller Blaufuss.

KYP: Must be Free to Pray

A Test of Religious Freedom
A New York pastor targeted for ministering to migrants is suing the U.S. government for interfering with her legal right to provide pastoral support at the border.

KYP: Forging a network

Love of Neighbor - It's What We Do.
A UCC network of dedicated ministers helps a Nicaraguan to freedom.

KYP: Faith in Action in the Streets

Immigrants Are Welcome Here!
More than 500 General Synod advocates take their faith to the streets to rally for immigrants, protest threatened ICE raids.

KYP: Leadership, Courage, Commitment

Election of Officers
Two United Church of Christ national officers are elected Monday morning in Milwaukee, one with overwhelming support without discussion and another with significant support after much debate.

KYP: Love, Service, Synod

The Root Cause of Poverty

Keynote speaker Matthew Desmond points to the lack of affordable housing as one of the most morally urgent issues in America.

KYP: The business begins

Burn with the Holy Spirit
Opening worship calls on the UCC to be a true multiracial and multicultural church. Being salt and light in the world.

KYP: Shining in Milwaukee

A Ministry for Milwaukee
The UCC National Ministries partner with a local organization to help at-risk young people establish stable homes.

KYP: Ready for Synod?

There’s an App for That!
General Synod organizers urge delegates, visitors to access the Synod app now, load it to their phone to get key information at their fingertips.

KYP: Celebrating Jim Moos' ministry

Celebrating his ministry and 'relationships'

National colleagues and global partners salute the Rev. Jim Moos as he prepares to end his term as UCC executive at the conclusion of General Synod in Milwaukee.

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