United Church of Christ

KYP: Love your neighbor: Suspend in-person worship

A Pastoral Letter in Time of Pandemic
The United Church of Christ leadership is urging congregations and clergy to suspend all traditional worship services.

KYP: Being the Church during COVID-19

A Message from the General Minister & President

The Rev. John Dorhauer addresses the Church’s response in rapidly changing environment during the coronavirus pandemic.

KYP: Coronavirus and the Church

Coronavirus and the Church

The UCC national officers reach out to the wider church about COVID-19.

KYP: The Right to Vote is Sacred

An Our Faith, Our Vote Fight in Georgia

Fighting for voting rights, an Atlanta UCC church is joining others in suing the state.

KYP: Cool Creation Care

Cool Congregations

Churches in Iowa and New Mexico are being recognized for taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

KYP: Our Faith, Our Vote, Our Voice in 2020

Make Your Vote Count

The UCC Officers are encouraging every member of the wider church to use their vote as their voice in the 2020 elections.

KYP: Calling our young people

UNITE! Our Youth
Young people from across the church are invited to register for this summer’s National Youth Event.

KYP: Leading Courageous Conversations

‘Restoring Beauty’ with Justice
For Racial Justice Sunday, churches urged to commit to 'Sacred Conversations.'

KYP: Welcoming Diversity

Diversity Makes Us Stronger

The UCC National Ministries and other faith groups speak out against the U.S. plan to expand the travel ban.

KYP: Abolishing $12.9 Million in Medical Debt

Blessing 11,108 Families
A UCC collaborative effort in St. Louis wipes out almost $13 million in medical debt across the metro area.

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