United Church of Christ

KYP: A Small Group Can Create Change

Working for a Living Wage

Neighbors in Need equips Houston teens in their campaign for $15 minimum wage.

KYP: All are beloved of God

Sacred Space to Talk About Drug Use

Harm reduction ministries around the UCC welcome drug users and save lives.

KYP: Feeding the Children

Got Lunch!

A New Hampshire congregation anchors a summer feeding program so hundreds of kids in the community have enough to eat.

KYP: Making a Difference

Love of Children – Changing Lives

See how the Neighbors in Need mission offering is making a difference in the lives of Wisconsin students working to overcome dyslexia.

KYP: A Call to Action

Disarm Hate

UCC leaders call for action to end gun violence after two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

KYP: A Long-Awaited Reunion

A Long-Awaited Reunion
A refugee mother resettled in Columbus welcomes her children home, surrounded by her church family.

KYP: Protecting the Sacred

A 'Religious Injustice'
Religious leaders in Hawai'i speak out, stand against construction of a telescope on a dormant volcano on the Big Island.

KYP: A celebration of ministry

A Fond Farewell
The United Church of Christ celebrates the 'faith and action' of Mary Schaller Blaufuss.

KYP: Must be Free to Pray

A Test of Religious Freedom
A New York pastor targeted for ministering to migrants is suing the U.S. government for interfering with her legal right to provide pastoral support at the border.

KYP: Forging a network

Love of Neighbor - It's What We Do.
A UCC network of dedicated ministers helps a Nicaraguan to freedom.

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