United Church of Christ

KYP: Defending DACA

Standing with Dreamers
Prayers, an amicus brief and a visible witness on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court as Justices hear arguments around Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

KYP: Safe space to call home

Safe Camp

An Oregon congregation is hosting more than a dozen people who have no other place to live on church property.

KYP: Going Solar!

Love of Creation

UCC churches install solar panels as flat-out article of faith and witness.

KYP: Abolishing millions in medical debt!

$5.3 Million Forgiven

The UCC teams up in Chicago to abolish medical debt for almost 6,000 people on the citys south side.

KYP: As war escalates - we pray

Prayers for Partners

As the war in Syria escalates, UCC partners describe danger, express dismay at U.S. withdrawal.

KYP: A bittersweet anniversary, a new strategy

Advocacy for Alex

A Missouri congregation works to free a father of five from years in sanctuary.

KYP: Take a Stand – No Refugee Ban

Stand with Refugees

Faith leaders urge members to demand lawmakers move against a refugee ban, as 2020 refugee admissions are capped at a historic low.

KYP: Demanding Action on Immigration and Climate

Mobilizing for Change

Twenty-two UCC Conference Ministers are converging in Washington, D.C. to demand more humane U.S. immigration policies from Congress.

KYP: A Small Group Can Create Change

Working for a Living Wage

Neighbors in Need equips Houston teens in their campaign for $15 minimum wage.

KYP: All are beloved of God

Sacred Space to Talk About Drug Use

Harm reduction ministries around the UCC welcome drug users and save lives.

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