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KYP: Rise for Justice

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Native Nations March

UCC members make up the largest faith contingent joining the Native Americans march against oil pipelines in Washington D.C., moving from the Army Corps of Engineers offices to the White House.

Board Business
Rev. Traci Blackmon nominated to continue leading UCC's justice work as executive minister Read more >>
Task force identifies future priorities for UCC focus Read more >>
The ‘Christian Thing To Do’
A Santa Fe congregation sets a community example around welcoming immigrants and refugees. Learn more >>
One Great Hour of Sharing
Extend the love of Christ to help heal and provide hope. Watch the video >>
Lent II
Be open to Lent as a time to pause, to open up space to pursue insight, and to make course corrections. Listen to the podcast >>
Science and Faith
We’re our own worst asteroid. 
Confronting Chaos Online
Join the UCC justice teams to talk about how hate speech spreads online and what you can do to stop it. The Washington D.C. discussion, just prior to Ecumenical Advocacy Days Friday, April 21 is open to all. Learn more >>
Missouri church to share ideas to build stronger relationships across generations
Reflecting on Japanese internment, Honolulu UCC pledges solidarity with Muslim, Hispanic communities
California UCC to boost sanctuary movement in San Mateo
UCC Board selects new chair and vice-chair, sets Synod resolutions
  More >>
D.C. area faith leaders condemn healthcare replacement
South Dakota minister joins pipeline protest march in D.C.
Vermont church members march against DAPL in Washington
Illinois church brews its own beer
Iowa group wants to resettle at least one refugee family in the community
Maine churches discuss becoming sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants
Lent project at Michigan church helps feed students in need
Missouri church erects wall of prayer on front lawn
North Carolina protests against Atlantic Coast Pipeline
Massachusetts congregations weigh in on aiding immigrants
Oklahoma clergy sign petition against payday loans
Ohio church adopts UCC Open and Affirming covenant
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Native Americans march to the White House in spiritual battle against pipeline
Pope Francis open to allowing married priests in Catholic Church
On both left and right, Trump is driving new political engagement
700 tour North Carolina mosque to learn about Islam
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dove.png Witness for Justice: In Search of a Moral Health Care System
CARD_infinity.png Vital Signs & Statistics: Return on Mission by the Numbers
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