United Church of Christ

Statistics and Reports

Fall 2017 Statistical Profile

Fall 2018 Statistical Profile (NEW!)

Fall 2018 Statistical Profile - Power Point Presentation (NEW!)

Fall 2017 Statistical Profile 

Fall 2017 Statistical Profile - Power Point Presentation 


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Special Reports

Flourishing in Ministry - Full Report 

Flourishing in Ministry - Summary Report with Reflection Questions

Flourishing in Ministry - Differences by Race/Ethnicity

Analysis of Demographics in Conference Minister Search and Call 

Analysis of Demographics in Local Church Search and Call

Visions of Authorized Ministry: Present and Future - AM21 Power Point Presentation 

Engaging Spirituality: Faith and the Future - A Survey of Young Adults 

2015 Faith Communities Today National Survey of Congregations: Preliminary Findings

Futuring the United Church of Christ: 30 Year Projections - June 2015 Draft Results 

Multiply-Affiliated Congregations in the United Church of Christ

UCC Congregational Vitality and Ministerial Excellence Report 

2018 Yearbook & Directory Statistics
(based on annual reports)

2017 Analysis of Basic Support

2017 UCC Conference Membership Report

2017 Eleven Year Summary of Yearbook & Directory Financial Reports

2017 Summary of Full Standing Ordained Ministers by Classification

Summary Statistics Report (1955-2017)

Conference Minister/Associate Conference Minister Demographics Report

2018 Eleven Year History Reports

Reports From Around the UCC

Innovation and Inspiration: What's New in the UCC? - A resource of the CASA Ministry Team

United Church of Christ Committee on Ministry Research Report - A resource of the MESA Ministry Team

Reports from Center for Progressive Renewal Resources