Statistics and Reports

Statistics and Reports


Fall 2016 Statistical Profile 

Fall 2016 Statistical Profile - Power Point Presentation 

Fall 2015 Statistical Profile

Fall 2015 Statistical Profile - Power Point Presentation

Visit the Archived Reports page for earlier statistical profiles.

Special Reports

Flourishing in Ministry - Full Report (NEW!)

Flourishing in Ministry - Summary Report with Reflection Questions (NEW!)

Analysis of Demographics in Search and Call

Visions of Authorized Ministry: Present and Future - AM21 Power Point Presentation 

2015 Faith Communities Today National Survey of Congregations: Preliminary Findings

FACTs on Change and Adaptation 

FACTs on Christian Education/Faith Formation 

FACTs on Congregations and their Settings 

FACTs on Financial Stability 

FACTs on Growing Congregations 

FACTs on Ministerial Leadership 

FACTs on Mission, Identity, and Outreach 

FACTs on Smaller Congregations 

FACTs on Technology and Social Media 

FACTs on Worship 

FACTs on Young Adult Ministry  

Watch the webinar here: FACTS on UCC Congregations: Findings from the 2015 Faith Communities Today National Survey of Congregations

Futuring the United Church of Christ: 30 Year Projections - June 2015 Draft Results 

Multiply-Affiliated Congregations in the United Church of Christ

UCC Congregational Vitality and Ministerial Excellence Report 

2017 Yearbook & Directory Statistics
(based on annual reports)

2016 Analysis of Basic Support

2016 UCC Conference Membership Report

2016 Eleven Year Summary of Yearbook & Directory Financial Report

2016 Summary of Full Standing Ordained Ministers by Classification

Summary Statistics Report (1955-2016)

2017 Eleven Year History Reports

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