Our Faith Our Vote

Your vote is your voice – don’t give it up!

These are difficult and challenging times for our local communities, our country, and the world.  Divisive and heated rhetoric dominate the public dialogue, and the power of money is shutting out the voice of the average voter.  More and more people are withdrawing from engagement in the political process out of a growing sense of cynicism and mistrust.

Now, more than ever, your voice and your efforts are needed.

As people of faith, we can play a unique role in this election cycle by encouraging civil, respectful dialogue that builds community and offers a hope-filled vision of the future for all people.

Join the Our Faith, Our Vote campaign and find out how your congregation can participate in the electoral process through faithful, nonpartisan engagement.  Check out our resources and sign up for helpful webinars and opportunities to make a difference in this election season.

*Learn more about how your congregation can legally engage in the elections*

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Director of Washington Office
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Online Communications Specialist
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