Worship on this Kairos Moment

2. Plan inspired worship that continually focuses attention on this kairos moment.

Ideas for Earth Day service or creating a Kairos moment each week. Read more…

In recognition of the urgent need to address the intertwined crisis of climate and inequality, the UCC Council for Climate Justice has defined the next ten years as kairos window of divine opportunity in which people of faith are called to an all-out mobilization of their gifts and resources. Over the course of ten weeks, the council will offer a weekly suggested action for how churches and institutions can mobilize during this critical period. Here is the second suggested action:

2. Plan inspired worship that continually focuses attention on this kairos moment.

  • Have a special kairos-themed worship service near Earth Day. Make use of Earth Sunday worship materials in this resource by Creation Justice Ministries entitled “The Fierce Urgency of Now.”
  • Through dialogue sermons, poetry, and art, invite into worship members of the broader community who are addressing climate and inequality as leaders, thinkers, or artists.
  • Devote at least one minute each Sunday to being a Kairos Moment of Reflection or Call to Action. Learn from Weybridge Congregational Church in Vermont which has a Creation Care Moment each Sunday. Members of an eco-theology affinity group for the UCC’s Council for Climate Justice have also collected authored a collection of Kairos Moments for congregations to use.

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