Gender & Sexuality Justice Ministries

Gender & Sexuality Justice Ministries seeks transformative justice for our faith communities and congregations by just action and love for all.

We believe in the justice-oriented ministry of Jesus and act with those facing systemic oppression at the intersection of gender & sexuality to offer care, sex positive education & curriculum, gender & bodily autonomy education & programming, policy & advocacy and partnership and outreach opportunities.

The fluidity of God’s design is wondrous and vast. No matter who you are, your sexuality or gender, God makes no mistakes. You are beloved and wonderfully made.

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“As a queer, trans, non-binary person, I know deeply the intimate struggles the LGBTQIA+ faces daily. More than ever, we need one another through our collaborative humanity to love louder as Jesus did in the face of hatred. The Gender & Sexuality Justice Ministries team is here to be more than an ally, but a way-maker of love, justice, and mercy.”

•Rachael Ward, they/them, Team Lead & Minister of Gender & Sexuality Justice

Transformative Justice Seeking Liberation

We serve the United Church of Christ in support of the Love of Neighbor Unit of the national setting.

LGBTQIA+ Justice

The LGBTQIA+ Community is beloved. Get connected to our justice movements advocating for the rights and bodily autonomy of the LGBTQIA+ Community.

Sexuality Justice

Sexuality is a gift from God. Our Whole Lives (OWL), together with Sexuality and Our Faith, helps participants make informed and responsible decisions about their relationships, health and behavior in the context of their faith.

Women & Gender Justice

Women and Gender Justice Ministry serves to provide leadership, training and advocacy at the intersection of sex, gender identity and gender expression.

Encuentros Latinx

Encuentros Latinx is an initiative of the United Church of Christ that seeks to increase and strengthen the welcome and inclusion of people who are LGBTQI in Latinx UCC Churches as well as in historically Euro descendant UCC churches.

Love is Louder: Love Your Neighbor OUT LOUD

Love is Louder: Love Your Neighbor OUT LOUD is an initiative of GSJM seeking to faithfully support the spiritual, physical and mental well-being of LGBTQIA+ siblings by equipping congregations and faith-based communities with resources and tools for faithful action and care.

Tool Kit Release 01 | Love is Louder: Communal Care for Trans & Non-Binary Siblings

This tool kit is for the flourishing of transgender and non-binary siblings. Within this offering you will learn a 5-step process to access ways your church, faith organization or community can care for trans and non-binary folks well.

Webinar, April 17, 3:30 EST | Advocacy 101: Communal Care of Trans & Non-Binary Siblings

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Featured Offerings

Our featured offerings will change throughout the year, so please check back frequently.

Liturgy for Women’s Week 2024 – Designed to help you celebrate women and girls during UCC Women’s Week, March 3-9, 2024, this liturgy contains the most common liturgical elements for a worship service.

Encuentros Trans Toolkit – An offering of Encuentros Latinx, this newest toolkit provides a starting point for conversation in your faith communities on trans-visibility and support of trans siblings.

OWL Trainings – OWL Taking Flight webinars are monthly explorations of topics that intersect with Our Whole Lives and Sexuality and Our Faith Programs. Co-hosted by the UCC and UUA, these webinars are created with Our Whole Lives facilitators and program coordinators in mind, while also open to the public.

Transformation is possible within communal care.

Our resource hub serves as a growing garden of resources that speak to the various entry points of the Gender & Sexuality Justice Ministries’ offerings. We hope these resources will help foster your own growth, care, and collective offerings within your congregational settings and beyond. If you see a need or have questions, please reach out to us, here.

Monthly Resources

We’re growing community and responding proactively to, not only the needs of this moment, but our future as siblings in Christ.


These resources are a collection of UCC and affirming like-minded offerings that speak to various forms of care for LGBTQIA+ siblings.

Resources for Transformation


Wellness resources collected here speak to various wellness issues at the intersection of Gender & Sexuality.

Resources for Wellness


Gender & Sexuality resources collected here speak to various needs individuals and
communities may face at the intersection of Gender & Sexuality.

Resources for Gender & Sexuality Reference

Any of these offers are adaptable to an in-person setting. We welcome invitations and conversations around partnering to bring these resources to you! If interested in an exploration call, reach out, here.

Meet the Gender & Sexuality Justice Ministries Team

Meet our team, learn more about each team member, and ways we can engage with your ministries collaboratively.


For questions, please contact Rachael Ward, Team Lead & Minister for Gender & Sexuality Justice Ministries, at or (216) 736–3217.