CONASPEH – A Story of Survival

Pictured is The Rev. Patrick Villier, President of CONASPEH.
He is standing in the newly rebuilt two-story facility which replaces the one lost in the 2010 Earthquake.

National Spiritual Council of Churches of Haiti (CONASPEH, pronounced co-na-spay)
continues recovery and reconstruction in the wake of the January 12, 2010,

Rev. Patrick Villier, President of CONASPEH, feels blessed by the number of
United Church of Christ members and friends who responded so generously during
their time of need and distress.

has already been two years, and construction has begun on a new two-story 18,000 square foot classroom building with a total of 15
classrooms. The student capacity is 1,300.  

rebuilt main building of CONASPEH (pictured) inaugurated February 2011, was reconstructed
on the site of the original six-story building demolished in the earthquake.

Salley, member of St. John’s UCC of Richmond, Virginia, is a newly appointed Global
Ministries Missionary assigned to serve with CONASPEH. She is the assistant for
disaster preparation and response, and a teacher at St. Andrew Seminary.

was part of a delegation visiting Haiti at the time of the earthquake. Seeing
the devastation, and the resourcefulness of the people, she felt called to help
them rebuild their lives.

is supported by funds from One Great Hour of Sharing of the United Church of
Christ and will serve with CONASPEH for a three year term. In addition to
disaster relief funds, OGHS provides support to the micro-lending, education
and trauma recovery programs of CONASPEH.

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