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Mohammed: Work or School

CEOSS'_Story_of_Mohammed.jpgOne day, 13-year-old Mohammed and his friends told the coordinators of the local community development association in Sharkawya, Egypt, about the struggle Mohammed was facing. The coordinator convinced Mohammed and his friends to participate in the activities provided by the center for youth and adolescents. As Mohammed got more involved in the center, he worked with a coordinator at the center to help design a plan for his future.

Mohammed was brought up in an honorable family. His father, who worked in manufacturing furniture, taught Mohammed the values of a strong work ethic and supporting your family. He learned about responsibilities early in life and had the desire to help his family out financially.

On a typical day, Mohammed worked 8 hours making furniture with his father. He has had very little time to worry about his education or spend time with his friends. Even though he enrolled in school -- he rarely attended. The immediate need for money has made it almost impossible for Mohammed to think about going to school. He felt that he could not sacrifice the assistance he was giving his family over the potential long term benefits of education.

Through the center's intervention plan, Mohammed returned to school and attended regularly. He learned that he did not have to choose between education and work. He learned that he did not have to choose to accept a little money now, reducing the potential for financial rewards that come through education.

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