Love Notes #6

Beloved youth,

Even though it may feel like it at times, I want you to know you are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of youth who cannot be contained in a gender binary throughout our country and our world, and God loves each and every one of you. You are created in God’s image just as you are and through every transition you go through. You are valued. You are enough. You do not need to change anything about your truth to receive the love of our Creator. You already have that love and always will.

A team of justice warriors of many genders in the United Church of Christ is working for you and your rights. We will not be silenced. Hate will not win. As followers of Jesus, we work for a world where we are all free, where we are all valued, and where our world reflects the kin-dom of God.

Stay strong and reach out for help from trustworthy people. Build community where you can. This is a marathon, and we are in this with you all the way.

With love,

Rev. Amy Johnson (she/her/hers)
UCC Minister for Sexuality Education and Justice

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