Love Notes #48

Dear Trans Youth of the Church and all of God’s Creation,

Today we shout from the mountaintops – “We see you! We Hear You! You are Loved!” There is a place for you to be your amazing, beautiful, beloved self and don’t you forget it! 

This world can be so unkind, and for that I am sorry. People too often react with fear and anger to things they don’t understand. But you must always remember you are not alone! There stands alongside you a great cloud of witnesses proclaiming “This is a beloved child, with whom God is well pleased”. 

My dear trans sibling, know this, truly know it – we shall overcome.  I know this because the power of love cannot be defeated. Each day there are more of us who choose love and we are committed to fighting EVERY SINGLE DAY for equal rights. We absolutely shall not back down, not even one inch, nor shall we ever forget that you, yes you, you specifically, and every other trans youth, is worth fighting for because you are so amazingly, tremendously loved. 

May God Bless you on this day and each day. 


Rev. Andrew Wicks
Associate Pastor
First Church of Christ, Congregational, UCC
Glastonbury, CT

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