Love Notes #43

Dearest One,

The moment you were born, I knew I could never love you any less than I did right then.  I gifted you with a gender neutral name so you could grow into yourself most authentically.  I remember when you were 2, dancing to the music of a transgender gospel choir at a church event, and the choir members fell in love with you.  They claimed you.  

The spirit of God, who created the abundant and diverse world in which we live, made you to be this amazing, dynamic expression of spirit, something that can not be captured by a box or a label or in the binary.  There has never been anything black and white about you, instead you have been a swirling, twirling, glitter of rainbow colors from the minute you began expressing yourself.   You stretch the boundaries of those around you so that they can see more, appreciate more, love more. We are all blessed to have you in the world.

Love, Rev. Mama

Rev. Michelle Webber (She/Her/Hers)
First Congregational UCC Moorhead

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