Love Notes #36


I’m writing as an ordained trans woman who recognizes you for the blessings of knowing yourself and being brave enough to live as yourself but who is also facing a lot of people in the world who do not want to accept you.

I want you to know that you are loved. By God, but by so many others including me. I get depressed sometimes because of what seems like a world of hate, but I work out of it with the hope we all can have for the future. There are far more who care about us as individuals and all marginalized minorities, and who want to know you, learn your story and support you in your life.

Never give up. Never lose hope. You are doing what generations and generations of trans people were not able to do; you are trying to live authentically. Those who came before started to pave the way, but you and those of your generation will achieve so much more! Live safely but be brave. Be wise, caring and loving in the way you would want others to care about and love you. You are enough!

Peace and Love,


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