Love Notes #23

Dear Trans Youth:

Take it from this trans pastor: God loves you. God made you just as you are, and called your transness good. God has known exactly who you are since before you were born. You are a miracle and God delights in you.

I know it’s beyond hard out there. I know you are doing everything you can under the circumstances to live authentically as the person God created you to be. I know that there are forces of evil trying to keep you from all the things that will save your life: being called by your true name and pronouns at school; playing sports with the other girls; accessing puberty blockers and gender-affirming hormones. 

So hear this: God loves you. This trans pastor loves you. You are not alone in this fight for our lives. Hang in there.


Rev. Noah

Rev. Noah Brewer-Wallin (they/them & he/him – what’s this?)

Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Southern New England Conference, United Church of Christ

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