KYP: Partners in Peace Building

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Expressing Solidarity and Support

A delegation of church leaders from the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) heads to the Holy Land later this month to underscore partnerships with Middle East Christians in nine countries.

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Where I’m Supposed to Be
The moment she joined the church, Sue knew she was home. The woman who admitted that she ‘used to be lazy about church’ celebrates finding a family with the UCC.
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Congregations Weekly
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A Love of Literacy
It started as a national campaign in 1960, and has since been used to teach reading in 30 countries, with more than 9 million people learning how to read and write. Learn more >>
In his weekly podcast, the Rev. John Dorhauer shares his father’s last moments in a moving reflection about family and the power of love. Listen in >>
Share Your Stats
Need to report your church’s 2015 statistics? There’s still time! See how here >>
FDNY chaplain working crane collapse assists bride, officiates wedding
UCC leaders carry justice call for poultry workers to shareholder meeting
Florida church fulfilling ecumenical mission to ‘work together as one’
UCC clergy supports New Hampshire bill outlawing ‘conversion therapy’
South Central Conference interim minister stepping down
Commentary: The interdependence of spiritual discipline and prophetic witness
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Chicago seminary launches ‘White Privilege Glasses’ campaign
Blessing Bags project at New York church seeks to help homeless people
Wisconsin church revisits Mississippi mission
Connecticut church offers ‘Ash on Your Dash’ for commuters tomorrow
Ohio church votes to welcome LGBT members
President Obama appoints Traci Blackmon to Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
Ohio church sends out SOS to community — Save our steeple
Christians and Muslims join forces in Pennsylvania for Lenten educational program
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President Obama: Religious freedom keeps us strong
Pope Francis’ guide to Lent: What you should give up this year
Fasting a tradition among several religions
‘Seek our common humanity in each other,’ Obama urges at prayer breakfast
Episcopal church leader calls Anglican censure ‘fair’
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