Yearbook and Directory

Yearbook and Directory

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The United Church of Christ Yearbook and Directory provides statistics as reported by local churches and conferences of the UCC. In addition, the Yearbook serves as a organizational directory including the various offices, persons elected by the General Synod to constitute the governing boards of the Ministries and other bodies.

Welcome! This page provides resources to assist you in submitting your annual church information online directly into the Data Hub. You will find helpful tip sheets and videos to assist you.

UCC Data Hub - Church Users

Data Hub Tips – For Annual Yearbook Reporting
(MANDATORY: Serves as a guide for entering correct information into the UCC Data Hub for annual church reporting.)

 2016 Yearbook Reporting - New Category Intro and Guide (NEW!)


How to update church contact information
(If you have a new address, email, website, phone number etc. this video is for you!)

How to update annual church membership
(A guide on inputting membership additions/removals, baptisms and more.)

How to update annual worship attendance
(Includes average worship attendance, Christian Education/Faith Formation and Youth program participants)

How to update annual church financial data
(A walk through on how to update your church income, endowments and expenditures)

How to update annual ministerial support information
(Instructions for updating annual ministerial compensation)


Letter to Conference Partners
Data Hub Special Offerings Upload Instructions
Conference Yearbook Instructions


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