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Letting Go and Picking Up

In a profession in which so little is ever "done," I confess to finding a small pleasure in at least one task a week that I could finish.

Where Does Our Treasure Lie?

What we measure matters. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” Jesus said.

Let's Listen to the Story

God's spirit acts in unexpected ways when we simply let the ancient stories of the Bible be stories that speak God's truth to us in our moment.


In the midst of the Advent Season, often we find ourselves shopping, wrapping, baking, running errands …  not necessarily pondering the incarnation.

Love Isn't Always Nice

Yes. From what I’ve seen and experienced, we are too focused on being nice to each other, and not focused enough on loving each other and the world

Want to Be Happy? Be Grateful

David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk who has spent decades studying and practicing gratitude, says that “happiness doesn’t make you grateful; gratefulness makes you happy.” 

It’s All About the Kids, Now

Children and youth can be a way forward toward working with God’s spirit to create a just world for all.

A Just World for All

At the end of a full year of open dialogue that engaged covenant partners across the full life of the denomination, the United Church of Christ Board affirmed a Purpose, Vision, and Mission statement for the denomination. 

Veteran’s Day: No Matter Who You Are

In October as part of a series focused on sharing best practices, four local UCC ministers who are military veterans spoke about their experiences in the military and in the church. 

Blessed are the Bean Counters

Let's face it: There’s no glory for the Bean Counters.