United Church of Christ

KYP: Join the All Church Read!

Addressing Poverty in America

Meet Pulitzer Prize winner Matthew Desmond, keynote speaker of General Synod 32 and author of the book chosen for the UCC’s 2019 All Church Read.

KYP: Love, strength, defiance

Targeted Minister Preaches Love
A United Church of Christ minister, tracked and interrogated by the United States government for her humanitarian ministry at the border, speaks of strength and of love.

KYP: Holding Space, Showing Love

Love and Unity Prevail

A UCC congregation in Northern California goes to worship on Sunday with Methodist friends in an interfaith gathering of solidarity and support.

KYP: Support and Prayer

An Open Letter to the United Methodist Church

The Executive Leadership of the United Church of Christ holds the United Methodist Church in prayer and offers love and solidarity to all who follow Jesus. 

KYP: Being Church

Making an Impact

A Connecticut congregation makes a remarkable transformation, by doing what "we're supposed to do."

KYP: Legislating Environmental Justice!

A New Deal for Climate Justice

UCC executives, environmental advocates and allies are speaking out and lobbying for the Green New Deal resolution.

KYP: Listening first

A Ministry of Listening, Followed by Service
New Hampshire congregation fills a tent for homeless neighbors.

KYP: Love in Action

Going Solar!

The Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ is making a major investment in creation care, with the installation of a large solar panel array on the roof the Conference headquarters.

KYP: Feeding Hungry Souls

Empty Bowls Feed Hungry Souls
A Minnesota congregation is creating or collecting scores of handmade pottery bowls to help fight hunger in their community.

KYP: 3 Great Loves in Action - Forever

Caring for Kids and Creation
Camp Adams, an Oregon outdoor ministry site, will forever be 'Forest First and Kid Focused.'

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