Update: UCC Responds to Nepal Earthquake

Nepal_Family_Home.jpegUpdated 2/3/2020

It was Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years, and the toll was devastating. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake April 25, 2015, was followed on May 12 by a 7.3 earthquake. The death toll was put at 8,944.  598,401 homes were destroyed, and 283,585 were damaged. Thousands of schools were destroyed or damaged. In all, 8 million people were affected.

UCC Disaster Ministries pledged $200,000 for construction of new, permanent, earthquake-resistant homes in Nepal in partnership with the Fuller Center for Housing. 

The UCC completed its commitment in 2018, following up with an extra measure of support in September 2019 when it sent an additional $40,000.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving! By the end of 2019, UCC Disaster Ministries’ investment of $240,000 has made possible construction of 94 earthquake-resistant homes in partnership with the Fuller Center for Housing.

Families pay back interest-free loans into a revolving fund that is used to build more homes. UCC has funded 74 homes directly, and 20 were built with funds families paid back into the revolving fund. As funds continue to revolve, that number will grow!

In all, UCC Disaster Ministries has provided nearly $430,000 for earthquake recovery in Nepal. In addition to houses, funds have gone for immediate response; long-term livelihood recovery; water, sanitation, and hygiene, and psychosocial care.

Pictured: One of the 73 homes built so far with UCC Disaster Ministries funding

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Generous donations to the International Emergency Fund allow Disaster Ministries to respond to global disasters. To send your support, please give to this fund.

GIVE generously to support emergency relief and rebuilding efforts by clicking on the link to make a secure online donation.  Donations may also be made out and sent directly to Wider Church Ministries, Financial Services – 6th Floor, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115.

100% of funds designated for disaster relief to the United Church of Christ are used for disaster relief and rehabilitation programming.

Thank you for your prayers and support for those impacted by the earthquakes in Nepal.


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