Mexico Earthquakes


In Mexico, some 300 people are already confirmed dead as the result of a series of powerful earthquakes. UCC Disaster Ministries’ initial response includes a $3,000 solidarity grant to the Theological Community of Mexico to help survivors with medicines, first aid medical equipment and provisions, clothing, food, water, diapers, and instruments to remove debris.

Much of the region was plunged into darkness, with 40 per cent of Mexico City and 60 per cent of the state of Morelos without electricity early on Wednesday.

President Enrique Pena Nieto urged people to stay in their homes if it was safe to do so and keep the streets free of congestion to allow emergency vehicles to pass. “This earthquake is a hard and very painful test for our country,” he said in a message to the nation.

UCC Disaster Ministries asks your prayers during these terrifying hours of search and rescue in Mexico. We are reaching out to Global Ministries, Church World Service and other ecumenical partners for any word on how we can help.

The Reverend Dan González Ortega, Director, Theological Community of Mexico reported that assessments are underway but they have to be cautious because the situation there is not yet stable. We are awaiting word from other partners in the area.

UCC Response

  • $3,000 solidarity grant to Global Ministries partner, Theological Community of Mexico to meet the needs of people affected (i.e. medicines, first aid medical equipment and provisions, clothing, food, water, diapers, instruments to remove debris)


GIVE generously to support the recent Earthquakes in Mexico by clicking on the link to make a secure online donation. You may designate for a particular disaster or indicate international emergency in general which enables the flexibility for the gift to be used as most needed in disaster response outside the United States.  Gifts may also be made at your local UCC congregation marked for “Mexico Earthquakes” or “International Emergency” with the request they be sent through your Conference office to the UCC national office. Donations may be sent directly to United Church of Christ, Financial Services – 6th Floor, 700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115. 

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PREPARE – Use this time of attention to disaster to prepare your family, your congregation, your community.

UCC Disaster Ministries discourages U.S. volunteers in disaster recovery in Mexico as we support the activity of local people and our support helps rebuild the local economy as part of the recovery.


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