Tools for Churches

Hear a call to extend extravagant hospitality in Jesus’ name? Want to build and claim your identity as part of the United Church of Christ? Burn with energy for invitation, welcome, mission? Like to have fun? These tools are for you.

New to Stillspeaking?
FAQs About the Stillspeaking Initiative
My Church Wants to Opt In Now!

Preparing for Company
Enlarge Your Welcome
Theology of Hospitality
Keep Track of Visitors: Use Our Pew Pad or Make Your Own
Worship Attendance Data Cruncher

Identity Items
Stillspeaking Stuff
Customized Merchandise

Party Packages
Hosting a crowd? It’s easy to order Stillspeaking identity items on consignment and selected for your group size.
25 – 50 people
50 – 200 people
200 – 400 people
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Training Tools
God is Still Speaking, Ready Set Grow! Retreat
Stillspeaking Training Archive
Stillspeaking in 15 Minutes

Discussion Starters/Publications
Let’s Talk Stillspeaking
Stillspeaking Bible Study Collection
Theological reflections: Essays and discussion questions from around the church on “Ejector”
Theological reflections on “Bouncer” and “All the People”

From Around the Country . . .
Real Life Examples
Stillspeaking Stories
Make my OWN TV Commerical? Yes, you can!

Invite Invite Invite Invite
TV, Radio & Beyond
See the ads
Put an ad on your local TV station 

Media with a Mission Grants
The Power of Invitation and Welcome
Ideas that Work
Free headlines
Graphics, signs

Creating a PowerPoint Presentation? Brand it!
Tools for Spring

Kids and Youth
Back to School
Vacation Bible School – Listen and Serve
Vacation Bible School – Learn about identity

Tools for Conferences/Associations
Conference Annual Meeting Tools
Stillspeaking in 15 Minutes
Stillspeaking churches by Conference