Stillspeaking Stories - God is still speaking, message makes a difference

UCC Pastor Dave Krueger Duncan
... It stays in Vegas

Northwest Community UCC pastor Dave Krueger Duncan stands proudly in front of one of six God is Stillspeaking bus stop advertisements that appear throughout the Las Vegas area.

The signs have been posted for nearly four months now. The bus stop spaces were originally contracted for two months, but the company agreed to leave them up at no extra charge until they need the space. God is still speaking,

We are that place!

A woman had seen our ad and was intrigued by the concept that "Jesus didn't turn anyone away; neither do we." She had heard of the UCC but knew little of it. She and her husband have an autistic 11-year-old daughter and were looking for a church where there is a liberal theology and their daughter could find a place in our children's program. I told her we were that place. They visited the past two Sundays and are very impressed with the friendliness and welcome they have received. It looks like we have new members. It is very moving for me to think that we have touched this family in this way. It is fun and awesome to be part of such a church and such a denomination. I love it!

Marilyn Washburn, pastor
Faith UCC/Frederick MD/Central Atlantic Conference


A young lady, whose job is marketing, saw the ad and came to our church and found a welcome here like no other church had afforded them. She said when she saw the ad she was "hooked" and when she visited, said "You got me!" She will be joining soon and we are blessed to have her! Thanks for your inspiration and leadership!

Pastor Katrina Clinton
The First Congregational Church, UCC
North Attleborough, MA


We are so excited about the initiative ... new guests coming every week ... several are now "repeat" worshippers ... an enthusiastic response among members as well. We have created info packets using the GISS folders. They are very attractive and catch the eye as guests enter the building. I have received several email queries about the church and our inclusive theology. I am so very pleased to have the opportunity to share with new folks! We will be having a GISS day in the near future when we will take orders for GISS items, as well as take a special offering for the initiative.This campaign is truly helping others to recognize the church at work and the great witness it is in Christ's name. Our OCWM offering will be going up! Also, I think the Christmas cards were awesome! How about offering those for sale next year?

Rev. Penny Lowes

Absolutely Beaming

On Christmas Eve, we had four visitors who had checked out our website, two women and two men. One of the women said, "I want to introduce you to my son." Then, pointing to the other man, "and this is my son-in-law." It took me until they were in the pew to realize what she was telling me. As they left the church, the men were absolutely beaming, because they knew they had found a place where they were welcome.

Bill Bordonaro

At last

[Our church is grateful] for the 20-plus visitors who have worshipped here since December 1st (most of whom had seen THE AD or heard about the "controversy"). A typical response: "At last a church that lets me think!" We ... we want to support our church's efforts to communicate who we are to folks who have been turned off or turned away from churches elsewhere ... We're looking forward to a large new member class on Palm Sunday.

St. John's United Church of Christ
Richmond VA

All over the country

I received a copy, this week, of a contribution to a "group weblog" from a daughter of this church.  People all over the country were reacting, in an Internet conversation, to [the ad] controversy, and this young woman was responding to some skeptics who questioned the value of religion.  She talked at length about her experience growing up in this church and the ways it had formed her.  "The church has been a large part of my life and has defined my socially liberal beliefs."  To those who scoff at Christianity, she writes, "There is no explaining . . . that it was my spiritual upbringing that provided me with a compassion and understanding for a wide variety of people, that it was my spiritual upbringing that provided me with the ability and desire to support things such as equal rights for all."  This is remarkable testimony to what [the members of this church] have done. 

From a sermon by Hamilton Coe Throckmorton
The Federated Church
Chagrin Falls, OH,
December 2004