Opt In Overview

Help spread the message of Extravagant Welcome. Become a Stillspeaking church!

It's FREE and easy:

1.  Opt in

Opting in lets us know that your church has decided to participate in The Stillspeaking Ministry. It means that you're excited about helping people find a spiritual home within the United Church of Christ, you're prepared to offer an extravagant welcome to strangers in Jesus' name, and you're ready to strengthen your United Church of Christ brand identity.

Opt-in and you'll be listed in the Find a Church database as a Stillspeaking church (the ones with the comma). To participate and join almost 3,000 churches simply opt-in online here.   

2.  Brand Your church

Hang a banner, roll out the welcome mat, and identify yourself as a Stillspeaking church. This is one way people seeking a church will associate the United Church of Christ brand with you.

3.  Get ready to welcome

How's the hospitality at your church? Have you designated a hospitality committe? Though our welcoming hearts are in the right place, we can sometimes overlook certian basics in hospitality. To make sure your church is extending the widest possible welcome, look at this list of hospitality basics

3.  Have a website  

Why do you need a website? A presence on the web is a critical element of 21st century hospitality. Without it, a huge and growing number of people won't give you a second chance to communicate with them.


No church is excluded for financial or technological reasons!