Authorized Ministerial Updates for March 2016

Ministerial changes reported in the Data Hub—the UCC’s information system for ministers and churches—for new positions/calls entered into the system in March 2016.

CC: Congregational Christian
CM: Commissioned Minister
DS: Dual Standing
LM: Licensed Minister
MID: Member in Discernment
MS: Ordained Ministerial Partner Standing
OM: Ordained Minister 
POC: Privilege of Call
U: Unknown/No UCC Standing
P: Pastor
SP: Senior Pastor
DT: Designated-Term Pastor
CP: Co-pastor
AP: Associate or Assistant Pastor
IN: Interim Pastor
SU: Supply Pastor
Y: Youth Ministry
OL: Other local church position
MM: Minister of Music
CE: Director of Christian Education 

U, Elena Arone, OL, Trumbull Congregational Church, Trumbull, CT
OM, Robert Atkinson, IN, Ebenezer UCC, Levasy, MO
OM, Kerby Avedovech, DT, Coral Isles UCC, Tavernier, FL
OM, Brian Bagley-Bonner, CP, Faith UCC, Bradenton, FL
OM, Judith Bagley-Bonner, CP, Faith UCC, Bradenton, FL
OM, Rachel Bahr, AP, First Congregational UCC, Southington, CT
OM, Carla Bailey, SP, Plymouth Congregational, Minneapolis, MN
MS, David Barnes, AP, United Church UCC, Marco Island, FL
OM, John Barnett, SU, First Congregational UCC, Port Saint Lucie, FL
OM, Deborah Bartelt, P, Bethany UCC, Oshkosh, WI
LM, Frank Basler, DT, Ridgebury Congregational UCC, Ridgefield, CT
OM, Todd Bean, P, Saint John’s UCC, Weldon Spring, MO
OM, Howard Bell, IN, Edina Morningside Community Church UCC, Edina, MN
OM, Richard Berg, AP, Community Church UCC, Middleburg Heights, OH
POC, Fernando Bernard, OL, First United Church, Tampa, FL
OM, Steven Berry, AP, Federated Church UCC, Castleton, VT
U, Teri Biedke, CE, Park Ridge Community Church, Park Ridge, IL
OM, Thomas Blossom, OL, Zion Evangelical UCC, Indianapolis, IN
OM, Ann Bolek, OL, Saint John’s (Hain’s) UCC, Wernersville, PA
POC, Carolyn Boyd, OL, Plymouth Congregational Church, Washington, DC
OM, John Bracke, IN, Columbia United Church of Christ, Columbia, MO
LM, Diane Brandt, OL, Saint Peter’s UCC dba Wisdom’s Table at St. Peters, Lancaster, PA
LM, David Brown, P, East Market Street UCC, Akron, OH
OM, Jennifer Brownell, IN, First Congregational UCC, Vancouver, WA
OM, Wendy Bruner, SP, Peace UCC, Saint Louis, MO
U, David Bryant, SU, Trinity Congregational UCC, Winter Haven, FL
MS, Janice Burns-Watson, AP, Saint Paul UCC, Wapakoneta, OH
OM, Andrew Burr, IN, First Congregational UCC, Gardner, MA
U, Robbie Carlson, CE, First Congregational UCC, Loveland, CO
OM, Cheryl Caronna, CE, Center Congregational UCC, Manchester, CT
OM, Kimball Cartwright, IN, Woodmont United Church of Christ, Milford, CT
MID, Chaunia Chandler, OL, Saint Mark’s Union UCC, Kansas City, MO
MS, Patrick Chandler, P, Saint Peter’s UCC, Ferguson, MO
LM, Michael Collins, AP, First Congregational Church of Tallmadge, Tallmadge, OH
U, Paula Coulter, OL, United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL
U, Sue Curtis, MM, First Congregational Church of Griswold UCC, Griswold, CT
OM, Jacob A. DeNap, AP, First Congregational Church of Saint Louis UCC, Saint Louis, MO
U, Rudolph Dimery, P, Congregational Church UCC, Mentone, CA
OM, Earl Eisenbach, IN, Hope United Church of Christ, Rockledge, FL
LM, Diane Ellis, IN, Union Congregational UCC, Churchville, NY
OM, Robert Faires, P, Zion United Church of Christ, Mount Vernon, MO
OM, Ruth Farrell, SP, Saint Peter UCC, Lake Zurich, IL
OM, Eric Fistler, P, First Congregational UCC, Crystal Lake, IL
OM, Rebecca Floyd Marshall, P, United Congregational Church of Little Compton, Little Compton, RI
OM, Laura Folkwein, OL, University Congregational UCC, Missoula, MT
U, Paul Fontanez, P, Mill Plain Union Church, Waterbury, CT
OM, Michael Ford, P, Congregational UCC, Punta Gorda, FL
OM, Michael Frady, DT, First Congregational Church of Braintree, Braintree, MA
OM, Larry Gallamore, P, Saint John UCC, Florence, MO
LM, Marisa Garza, AP, St. John’s UCC of Burton, Burton, TX
POC, Joseph Glaze, IN, Saint John’s UCC, Catonsville, MD
U, Grant Glowiak, Y, Union Church of Hinsdale, Hinsdale, IL
OM, William Graves, P, New Basel UCC, Abilene, KS
U, Alecia Gross, DT, Evangelical UCC, Shelbyville, IN
MID, Carl Howard, DT, First Congregational Church UCC, West Haven, CT
OM, Dianne Hudder, DT, Congregational Church UCC, Miami Lakes, FL
OM, Julius Jackson, P, East Aurora Christian Church, East Aurora, NY
LM, Henry Johnson, P, Holiday United Church of Christ, Holiday, FL
OM, Catherine Jurgens, P, Immanuel UCC, Sedalia, MO
OM, Kathryn Ketchum, DT, Community of Faith UCC, Elyria, OH
MID, Wendy Kidd, IN, Gunnison Congregational Church-UCC Gunnison, CO, Gunnison, CO
MS, Melvin Kiepe, IN, Saint Paul UCC, Hermann, MO
OM, Deborah Kohler, IN, Saint Paul’s UCC, Watervliet, MI
OM, James Kosko, IN, First Congregational UCC, Reno, NV
OM, Robert Kyte, SU, New Vision Congregational Church UCC, Yulee, FL
U, Mary Jo Laabs, IN, Community United Church of Christ, Medford, WI
U, Abraham Leach, MM, Immanuel/Ferguson UCC, Ferguson, MO
OM, Jason Leader, IN, Jensen Beach Community UCC, Jensen Beach, FL
OM, Ruth Lebar, DT, Spring Glen Church UCC, Hamden, CT
MID, Thomas Liddle, IN, First Congregational UCC, Cannon Falls, MN
OM, Edward Long, IN, Church of the Palms, Delray Beach, FL
U, Tracy Loomis, Y, First Congregational UCC, Grand Blanc, MI
OM, Andrew Lovins, P, Salem United Church of Christ, Mc Girk, MO
OM, Andrew Lovins, P, California United Church of Christ, California, MO
OM, James Macaulay, IN, First Congregational Church UCC, Bristol, RI
OM, Robert Macfarlane, P, Atkinson Congregational Church UCC, Atkinson, NH
U, Melissa Manning, MM, United Church of Spring Valley, Spring Valley, NY
MID, Margo Markensteijn, IN, Salem United Church of Christ, Rochester, NY
OM, Guillermo Marquez-Sterling, AP, Pass-a-Grille Beach Community UCC, Saint Pete Beach, FL
OM, Lisa Martin, SP, Saint John UCC, Saint Charles, MO
OM, Michael Matheny, IN, Pensacola Beach Community Church, Pensacola Beach, FL
LM, Austin McCandless, P, Faith United Church of Christ, Wentzville, MO
OM, Richard McCarty, SP, Community United Church UCC, Erie, PA
OM, Bromleigh McCleneghan, AP, Union Church of Hinsdale, Hinsdale, IL
OM, Carra McFadden, DT, Newtown Congregational UCC, Newtown, CT
OM, Emily McNeill, P, Journey United Church of Christ, Glenmont, NY
MID, Scott Meyer, P, Peace Church of Christ United – UCC, Bennett, IA
OM, Laura Mignerone, IN, Saint John UCC, Saint Clair, MO
OM, Clarice Mitchell, DT, Cocoa Beach Community Church UCC, Cocoa Beach, FL
LM, Gary Morello, AP, The First Congregational Church of Darien UCC, Darien, CT
U, James Morgan, OL, First Congregational Church UCC, Bristol, RI
OM, Robert Morse, OL, First Congregational UCC, South Portland, ME
OM, Rebecca New, P, First Congregational UCC, Anthony, KS
OM, Thomas Nordberg, IN, Church of Christ At Dartmouth UCC, Hanover, NH
U, Ilana Ofgang, MM, Trumbull Congregational Church, Trumbull, CT
OM, Barbara Pence, P, Peace in Zion UCC, Zieglerville, PA
OM, Elsa Peters, IN, Saint Peter UCC, Knauertown, PA
MID, Brady Plummer, P, Saint John’s Evangel & Reformed UCC, Bedford, PA
OM, Harrison Putnam, P, United Church of Christ, Castile, NY
POC, Tanya Rasmussen, P, Congregational UCC, Hollis, NH
OM, Cynthia Riggin, SP, Lynnhurst Congregational, Minneapolis, MN
U, George Rizor, DT, Holy Trinity UCC, Willingboro, NJ
OM, Patrick Rogers, P, United Church of Christ Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL
OM, Sara Ross, DT, West Suffield Congregational Church, West Suffield, CT
MS, Greg Russell, IN, Saint Andrew UCC, Sarasota, FL
MID, James Schleif, P, Saint John’s UCC, Slinger, WI
OM, Claudia Schmitt, SP, Wheat Ridge Congregational Church UCC, Wheat Ridge, CO
OM, Bruce Schoup, DT, Peace Congregational Church, Clemson, SC
OM, Naomi Schulz, DT, Bethany United Church of Christ, Lebanon, OH
OM, Walfred Scofield, IN, West Park UCC, Cleveland, OH
MID, Felicia Scott, P, Pilgrim Congregational UCC, Saint Louis, MO
OM, Mark Seifried, IN, The Second Church in Newton UCC, Newton, MA
U, Robert Seybold, Y, Spirit of Peace UCC, Sammamish, WA
U, Douglas Sharp, IN, Hyde Park Union UCC, Chicago, IL
U, Eric Shin, SP, First United Church, Little Falls, MN
OM, Dianne Shirey, AP, Trinity UCC, Canton, OH
OM, Pedro Silva, AP, First Congregational UCC, Boulder, CO
OM, A. Sinnaduray, P, Central UCC, Jefferson City, MO
OM, Christina Siva, P, Congregational Church of Fullerton, UCC, Fullerton, CA
U, William Smutz, IN, Saint John’s UCC, Chesterfield, MO
U, William Smutz, P, Saint John’s UCC, Chesterfield, MO
OM, Victoria Snow, P, Community Congregational UCC, New Port Richey, FL
U, Linda Srb, MM, Spirit of Peace UCC, Sammamish, WA
MS, Ronald Stair, P, Saint James UCC, Morrison, MO
MS, Ronald Stair, P, Zion-Saint Peter UCC, Pershing, MO
U, Sally Stansbury, CE, United Church of Rowayton, Rowayton, CT
OM, Gary Stillwell, SU, Spring Creek United Church of Christ, Rockford, IL
DS, Louise Tallman, AP, UCC at the Villages, Oxford, FL
OM, Dawson Taylor, P, Naples United Church of Christ, Naples, FL
U, Dennis TeBeest, DT, First Congregational Church of River Edge UCC, River Edge, NJ
LM, Christi Tennyson, P, Pilgrim United Church of Christ, Labadie, MO
OM, Kyle Timmons, P, Trinity UCC, Elliston, OH
DS, Kathleen Waters, IN, Homer Congregational Church, Homer, NY
OM, Jimmy Watson, SP, Immanuel/Ferguson UCC, Ferguson, MO
U, Barbara Watts, OL, First Congregational Church UCC, Bristol, RI
OM, Todd Weber, P, Douglas Congregational UCC, Douglas, WY
OM, Susan Weier, P, Cedar Falls United Church of Christ, Cedar Falls, IA
OM, Kay Welsch, OL, St Paul’s UCC, Saint Paul, MN
POC, Rebecca White Newgren, P, Second Congregational UCC/ First Presbyterian Church, Rockford, IL
U, Gary Wilner, IN, Ely Memorial UCC, Land O Lakes, WI
U, Gary Wilner, IN, Phelps Congregational UCC, Phelps, WI
OM, Timothy Woodard, P, Riviera United Church of Christ, Palm Bay, FL
OM, Katrina Wuensch, SP, West Parish Church UCC, Andover, MA
OM, Kimi Yokoyama, P, Zion United Church of Christ, Saint Joseph, MO
U, Yasutaka Yoshioka, AP, Sycamore Congregational UCC, El Cerrito, CA
OM, Elizabeth Youngberg, CP, Rebel and Divine UCC, Phoenix, AZ
U, Bob Zahner, MM, Pass-a-Grille Beach Community UCC, Saint Pete Beach, FL
U, Linda Zappe, OL, Immanuel/Ferguson UCC, Ferguson, MO

The Center for Analytics, Research and Data (CARD) provides oversight of the UCC Data Hub through which ministerial changes are made. However, Conferences and Associations are responsible for reporting changes and maintaining ministerial records in this system. If you have questions about this information, please contact the appropriate Conference or Association.