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UCC Disaster Ministries releases another $55,000 for East Africa Famine response

UCC Disaster Ministries has just ordered another $55,000 be sent for famine and drought response in East Africa – one of the biggest humanitarian emergencies since World War II. This includes funding for ecumenical work in South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya and augments the $85,000 sent earlier for food, nutritional supplements, water and medical care in the four countries.  

UCC Disaster Ministries lends a hand as Flint continues struggle for water

UCC Disaster Ministries funding to Genesee County Hispanic Latino Collaborative - La Placita is helping mitigate the impact of the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Mich., on some of its most under-served and overlooked residents. A December 2016 grant of $25,000 helped the collaborative set up an interpretation and translation service.  An additional $8,500 contribution this month is helping Spanish-speaking residents avoid water shutoff.

Volunteer work teams restore Miss Elgie's flooded Louisiana home

It was raining buckets that Saturday night last August, but "I didn't know it was going to do what it did," recalled Elgie C., 90, who began the evening as she usually did, alone in the home she loves. Next thing she knew, her son-in-law was at her door with a boat. The UCC is partnering with Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders to recruit volunteer work teams to help people like Miss Elgie recover.

Church exhausts $50,000 to keep water flowing in Flint

It's been just over three weeks since Woodside Church in Flint, Mich., offered to pay water bills for neighbors in need, and the church's $50,000 fund is already tapped out. Contributions from churches across the United States and an $8,500 grant from UCC Disaster Ministries to the Genesee County Hispanic Latino Collaborative (GCHLC), which is housed in the church, will help more people prevent water shutoffs at home - and continue to provide free filtered water for those whose...

DRSI helps Illinois community jumpstart tornado recovery

The EF3 tornado that raked Naplate and Ottawa, Ill., Feb. 28 lasted about eight minutes – and changed those communities forever.  Still, today recovery is farther along than would be typical at this point by as much as a couple of months thanks to a partnership between the local community and the ecumenical Disaster Recovery Support Initiative.

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NEW! Volusia County, Fla., Hurricane Matthew Recovery

UCC Disaster Ministries has partnered with VIND (Volusia Interfaiths/Agencies Networking in Disasters) to assist Daytona Beach area households damaged by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016 to repair/rebuild homes, e.g. roofing, gutting interiors, replacing insulation, siding, drywall repair and painting, flooring and other interior work as needed.

NEW! Baton Rouge, La., Flood Recovery

UCC Disaster Ministries has partnered with the Fuller Center For Housing in Louisiana to help residents return home following historic and catastrophic flooding in August of 2016. Thousands of residents still live in temporary housing struggling to rebuild their lives. Volunteers are needed to repair and rebuild homes.  Additional work team locations to be announced soon!

Matching Grants for CWS Buckets, Kits

Join the 40 UCC congregations that have applied so far for a UCC Disaster Ministries Matching Grant of up to $250 to assemble Church World Service Emergency Cleanup Buckets and other kits. The need is great: CWS distributed more than 14,000 buckets last year, but now it's stock is down to a critical low of 600.


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East Africa Famine
West Virginia Floods
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South Carolina Floods
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12 Ways to Help Disaster Survivors

In addition to the ways listed above, this one-page flyer lists nine more ways - 12 in all - to help disaster survivors recover through UCC Disaster Ministries.  Have a look - and share widely!


Hurricane Matthew slider photo from Haiti (above) courtesy of CWS

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