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UCC a partner in innovative West Virginia "bridge project"

Five simple, economical "driveway bridges" have been completed for homeowners and eight more are ready to start except for funding in an innovative long-term recovery project following last spring's severe flooding in West Virginia.  The United Church of Christ is among partners in the "Bridge Project" of the West Virginia VOAD, whose members collaborate on disaster recovery efforts.

South Carolina survivor says of UCC volunteers: “To make friends over a disaster is awesome.”

Susan Heywood of Gilbert, S.C., had no trouble figuring out how to put a new roof on her house after last October's torrential rains damaged the old one. As she tore off the original shingles, felt and panels, she saw how the pieces fit together, then simply replaced them. But repairing the damage inside the house where the roof had leaked was another matter. A UCC Disaster Ministries volunteer work team got the job done....

UCC helps Ferguson, Mo., families with flood cleanup

Grants from UCC Disaster Ministries and the UCC's Missouri Mid-South Conference are helping families in and around Ferguson, Mo., affected by groundwater flooding in the wake of heavy rains in December.  Administering the funds is St. Peter's Evangelical United Church of Christ, also engaged in addressing social injustice in Ferguson well before and since an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, was killed by a police officer in August 2014.

UCC, Disciples Partner to Bring Water, Justice to Flint, Mich.

As the potable water crisis in Flint, Mich., deepens, two Christian denominations are partnering to provide solutions.  The Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ, the Disciples' Week of Compassion, and the Michigan Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) announced Jan. 18 the launch of "The Gospel in Action – Flint," a joint effort to help provide water to the more than 50,000 households in Flint who have not had clean water...

Grant sustains 300 flooded-out families in Sri Lanka

A UCC Disaster Ministries solidarity grant helped sustain 300 families in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province who lost property and livelihoods to heavy flooding in late 2015. The grant paid for food and other relief items for families most affected by the floods and the most vulnerable.

Urgent Needs

Disaster Recovery Volunteers Needed

Your service as a Disaster Recovery Volunteer helps people rebuild their physical homes and is an act of presence that indicates the commitment to walk beside people as they seek to rebuild their lives.  Together, we can be the body of Christ in the world.  The wider UCC utilizes mission trip groups to help homeowners in the long-term recovery process.  In particular need of volunteers right now: South Carolina, New Jersey and Texas.


Support U.S. Disaster Response


As people of faith who want to act in solidarity with the community in Flint, Mich., we can:

  • Give money designated for Flint to the Emergency USA Fund.  It will support the work of the UCC's Woodside Church in Flint to set up "re-filling stations" in the church to make free, filtered water available to the community in whatever size containers they would like.  Do NOT send bottled water; that creates distribution and recycling problems.
  • Share articles that highlight the role of systemic racism in the Flint water crisis:

“How a Racist System Has Poisoned the Water in Flint, Mich.” by Louise Seamster and Jessica Welburn
“Flint’s Water Crisis: A Story of Racial Injustice” by the Rev. Dr. Brooks Berndt


December floods and tornados across the U.S. South, Southwest and Midwest, earlier severe flooding in South Carolina and Texas, wildfires in California – there are so many U.S. disaster response needs right now.  UCC Disaster Ministries has responded to requests for solidarity grants from congregations in California and South Carolina that are on the front lines of response. In addition, UCC Disaster Ministries has deployed long-term recovery volunteer Betzi Yungclas to Texas to help flood-affected people rebuild their homes and lives.  Support these and other domestic response efforts through the Emergency USA Fund.



Donate to Nepal Quake Relief

Click here for updated Sunday Bulletin Insert: "We can help. Together. Today."

Nepal’s recovery following the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake April 25 and powerful aftershocks will take many years. The earthquake destroyed or damaged nearly 900,000 homes.  Let's help families get back into real homes, not tents or makeshift shelters.  UCC Disaster Ministries has set a goal of building 50 new, earthquake-resistant homes for people who have lost everything. 



12 Ways to Help Disaster Survivors Recover Through UCC Disaster Ministries

In addition to the three ways listed above, this one-page flyer lists nine more ways - 12 in all - to help disaster survivors recover through UCC Disaster Ministries.  Have a look - and share widely!

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