Prayer for Monterey Park Shooting Victims

— submitted by Mitchell Young

O Gracious God, our hearts are heavy this morning with grief. Even though we may have come into this morning with worshipful hearts, we know that you are our hiding place, that you will fill our hearts with songs of deliverance whenever we are afraid. Help us to trust in you. Our hearts go out now to the people of Monterey Park and our sister cities in the neighboring areas. Let them know that they can trust in you, and even for those who do not trust in you, we know that you do care for them, for everyone. Continue to be close to the hearts of all who grieve. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Paraphrase of the opening lines of Lamentations

How lonely sits Monterey Park
whose streets were filled with people welcoming the Year of the Rabbit!
Overnight she has become a grieving widow,
weeping where once there was dancing.

Mitchell Young serves as pastor of Montebello Plymouth Congregational Church, UCC, which is adjacent to the City of Monterey Park in which a Saturday night mass shooting claimed the lives of 11 people at dance studio/club.