Lent 2C March 13, 2022

Finish the Work
Service Prayers for the Second Sunday in Lent Year C
March 13, 2022

Luke 13:31-35


One: God desires to gather us
Many: She gathers us together
One: Her wings spread out before us
Many: Her presence, all around us
One: To nurture is her nature
Many: To mother is her gift
One: For our safety, she reaches
Many: For our good, she moves
One: Sheltering over us
Many: She is our fortress
One: Deep in her underwing
Many: She is our strength
One: Because of us, she is wounded
Many: By her wounds we are saved
One: Until all fear is gone
Many: Until the work is finished
One: In her, we find our justice
Many: In her, we find our peace


One: God decides to gather us
Many: Open the gates of justice
One: The hen gathers her brood
Many; Open the gates of peace


O Wounded Healer, Mighty and Merciful,
Nothing we say can undo the damage we have done.
As you wept over Jerusalem, we now weep over our world.
You see what we have done with the gifts you have freely given us.
You sought to gather us, but we were not willing.
Your prophets spoke, but we did not have ears to hear.
Now their blood is on our hands.
We have stoned those you have sent.
Now, in our desperation, we pray.
Our lives are in chaos, but we long for your joy.
Beyond our rationalized violence, we yearn for a peace that makes no sense.
Forgive us, God of mercy and grace. Come again to us, we pray.
Then we will surely say, “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.”


One: Hear and receive the good news.
Our God has been faithful through generations.
Our God makes all things new.
Our God makes gardens spring and wounds repair.
In God’s love, we are made whole.
In God’s mercy, we are forgiven.
Many: Thanks be to God


One: The hungry are invited to feast at God’s table, where our mourning turns to dancing, our affliction is met with comfort, and our rejection turns to belonging. Out of God’s gift of abundance, we offer gratitude. Let us gather our gifts together and offer them to God in praise.


Ever Present, Life Giving God, may these gifts be used to pass on your peace, justice, and healing. Amen.

Now, may the grace of God go with us. May God’s face shine upon us. May we carry God’s peace into the world, offering the wholeness and healing we have received. May we never cease to love and endure until the work is finished. Amen.

Finish the Work: Service Prayers for Lent 2C was written by Michael Anthony Howard, who serves as Minister of Faith in Action for the Living Water Association, Ohio NorthEast, of the Heartland Conference, United Church of Christ.

Lent 2C March 13, 2022