A Prayer for Sanctuary

Source of life and love, we thank you for the opportunity to gather in this sacred space of Sanctuary where all are safe and we are blessed in reflecting on the meaning of our faith.

Let our faith heal our brokenness.

In the midst of political turmoil and upheaval, when people are being excluded for the color of their skin, their accent, or their citizenship status.

Let our faith guide us to solidarity.

As raids wreak havoc in the community, families are torn apart and children are separated from their parents.

Let our faith call us to action.

May the Sanctuary that has blessed us be opened to all those who are vulnerable and oppressed.

Let our faith show us the power of Sanctuary for all

As workers from from throughout the world join together to march for justice.

Let our faith inspire us to join the power of faith with the power of people to forge the common good for all.