Ready, Set, Grow! Retreat Resources

Come and See – Minnesota 2015 (ppt)

Come and See – Missouri Mid-South 2015 (ppt)

Come and See Event – IL Conf. 2015 (ppt)

Come and See Event – MA Conf. 2015 (ppt)

Come and See Event – PennWest 2015 (ppt)

Come and See Event – EOA/ERA 2015 (ppt)

Come and See Event – NY Metro (ppt)

Come and See Event – SONKA Association (ppt)

Come and See – Prairie Association (ppt)

Florida Conference
New Beginnings Come and See Event (ppt)

Lincoln IL
Becoming the Vital Churches and Disciple

Western North Carolina Association
The Heartbeat of Vitality
Becoming Vital Church and Disciples

Nurturing Extravagant Welcome in a Congregation Worksheet

L.I.F.E. Presentations on Evangelism – Eden Seminary
Presentation #1 – Church and Culture
Presentation #2 – Evangelism
Presentation #3 – Missional, Relational, Conversational

Nurturing Vital Discipleship and Church Membership (ppt)

Young Adult Research Handout (doc)

New Generations – Living Stones? (ppt)
NEAUCE Annual Conference
Becoming Living Stones that Tomorrow Requires (ppt)
NEAUCE Annual Conference

Stillspeaking Missional Outreach Woodmont CT

Creating the Church You Want to Join – Midwest Seminarian Gathering, April 2012

Missional Outreach – Chicago Metropolitan Assoc. Oct. 2011

11 Ways to Meet Your Church’s Neighbors

Meeting Your Neighbor – Northwest Association, WI Conference

St. Louis Area Still Speaking Event – Feb. 2011

Rediscovering Your Missional Context
Living the Stillspeaking Welcome
Living the Still Speaking Witness

Wisconsin Evangelism Event

“Where is Your Neighbor?”
 Meeting Your Neighbor

Wisconson Conference — June 2010 

New Orleans Association – May 15, 2010
Living into the Future – 2010 — Vital Possibilities for Churches in New Orleans Association
Becoming the Vital Churches and Disciples that Tomorrow Requires

Tiffin Area Churches — May 16, 2010
Becoming the Vital Churches and Disciples that Tomorrow Requires


Welcome to the Church House!

God is Still Speaking, Ready Set Grow ! Retreat
Feb. 2010

Missional Church in Culture

Past Events

Resources for the Florida Event

Tough times in church and culture – Powerpoint Presentation
Vital Congregations – Powerpoint Presentation

CVI TSM Training Agenda – March 09 (2) 

1 – Naming Your Personal Faith Identity
2 – Guided Meditation

PowerPoint Presentation – 21st Century Culture
PowerPoint Presentation – Culture and Community
PowerPoint Presentation – Missional

Worship Mar 13 CVI TSM Retreat
PowerPoint – Vital Congregations presentation at the Northeast Association of the Wisconsin Conference April 2009

General Synod Resources
Script God is Still Speaking, Ready, Set, Grow
Ready Set Grow Luncheon Questions for BINGO

Church Vitality and Faithful Discipleship in Difficult Times presented at the Tri-State Association Fall Meeting 2009, IK Conference.

 Resources for the Western Association of the IL Conference

Pastor’s Retreat Kansas Oklahoma Conference Feb. 2010


  Watchful Preparation. Plymouth Church UCC, Seattle