Boost Your Vitality

Vital Tools That You Can Use Right Now

Evangelism Resources for Synod 2013

Your Church Better – 10 ways to Celebrate Being An Inter-cultural & Multi-ethnic Church

11 Facts about Congregational Vitality in UCC Congregations from the Faith Communities Today Study

United Church of Christ: Faith Practices will provide resources for worship, learning, and serving, on 24 different parctices of our faith. The first four practices are ready now.

Stewardship and Church Finances resources to ignite the generosity of your congregation!  Also find information about financial wellness and Our Church’s Wider Mission.

Youth and Young Adult Resources for leaders, check out these hot new suggestions.

Women in Mission: Our Common Lot sharing the incredible strengths and resources found in United Church of Christ women so that we may better be about carrying out God’s ministry and mission in the world. It’s in our DNA!

Global Ministries  encourages you to become a Global Mission Church and propel your congregation into new activities or affirm the numerous projects already in place. Whether your next step is to pray regularly for a missionary, study globalization or plan a People-to-People group mission trip, we encourage you to make the decision to put a foot forward and take a step into world mission.

Justice and Witness Ministries  Justice LED is a training which will provide assistance to local churches and UCC members who seek to participate in ongoing ways to move our world towards this vision.

Resources for Vital Worship

File Worship Ways
File Preaching in the United Church of Christ
File Suggestions from Global Ministries
File Sing! Prayer & Praise
File Children in Worship
File A Calendar of Prayer for the Mission of the United Church of Christ

Geoffrey Black shares his ideas about vitality in the UCC.