Prayer for Transgender Day of Remembrance by Rev. Malcolm Himschoot



For use by communities during Transgender Day of Remembrance, a commemoration of lives lost worldwide to violence against gender-nonconforming people. – Rev. Malcolm Himschoot



Reader 1:

How long, O God?

How long will transgender people suffer shame and loss because of who we are?

How long must we bear pain in our souls, and have sorrow in our hearts all day long?

How long shall we have enemies who persecute us, ridicule us, and gloat over us? 

(adapted from Psalm 10)


Reader 2:

Consider and answer me, O Lord my God!

Give light to my eyes, or I will sleep the sleep of death,

And my enemy will say, “I have prevailed.” 

(from Ps 13)


Reader 3:

Why do you stand far off, hiding yourself in times of trouble?

In fear the violent attack the vulnerable –

Let them be caught in the schemes their hearts have devised.

In confusion and disturbance the oppressors say,
“There is no God who cares for the meek –

No God will find me out.”

Their mouths are filed with cursing and deceit and oppression

They sit in ambush

In stealth they murder the innocent.

The helpless fall by their might.

They think:

    “God has forgotten [the drag queens and cross-dressers, transgender men, transgender women, transgender children and youth, gender-queer people and intersex individuals]* –

God has hidden God’s face.”


Rise up, O Lord; O God, lift up your hand

Do not forget the oppressed. 

(from Ps 10)




Reader 4:  Matthew 5:1-9




All Gathered:

Why do murderers rage, and fearful people plot in vain?

Those in power, and those who long for power, conspire

Against the precious anointed of the Lord.


In heaven God laughs at their presumption.


I will tell of the decree of the Living, Mighty God

Who said to me, “You are my child. Today I have begotten you.

Ask of me, and I will make the earth itself your inheritance.” 

(from Ps 2)




*In this line place whatever names and identities best affirm the community.