Beloved By God Video Campaign

The United Church of Christ Trans-Nonbinary Strategy Group is calling on all faith leaders to record and post on social media a 30-second video offering words of encouragement, support, and solidarity with people of Trans and Nonbinary experience, their families, loved ones, and allies using the hashtags: #TransJustice #UCCMovement.

Over the past several months there has been an onslaught of anti-trans and nonbinary legislation or actions in the majority of states in this country, some of which have been passed and signed into law. The harmful, negative, stigmatizing rhetoric of many candidates, legislators, elected officials, and civic leaders have been overwhelming, attacking members of our community who already experience marginalization and discrimination at significant levels, amplifying the despair and mental health challenges so many endure.

This is a time to live out loud the love our faith calls us to. That is why we want to create a viral, social media campaign that will overwhelm our trans and nonbinary with messages of affirmation, solidarity, and support. With your participation, we can create a viral social media video campaign that can be a balm to those who need it during these challenging days.

When you post your video, please use the hashtags: #TransJustice #UCCMovement

Some videos are already circulating, and you can find them here.

A guide for making a do-it-yourself (DIY) video is here.

Learn more about UCC Trans resources and access the UCC Trans-Nonbinary toolkit at