Reflection from Hulen Brown

Today, there we were all gathered in the Back Bay Mission (BBM) Micah Center sitting together and eating together around all of the tables. We we eating Shepard’s Pie, coleslaw, tea, cornbread and brownies for dessert.

The room was full and buzzing. The voices in the room  were muted except for Roxanne’s voice.  She is always definitely in charge in the Micah Center and keeps our guests in order! Everyone was served and it was done orderly.

I was seated next to a man that I remember from last year when I was here working the front desk of the Micah Center. Everyone had their showers before lunch. They had spread the word that there was free food being served today. There were no announcements posted anywhere that I could see. Anyone who came was welcomed.

I forced myself to participate fully. I don’t like Shepard’s Pie and the cornbread was not cooked by a Southerner…but some of the pieces were browned enough. So, I got in near the back of the line and was served a hearty portion of Shepherd’s Pie.  I asked some questions during the conversation and listened a lot to the conversations going on around me.

Later I looked around the room. I saw the Acting Executive Director, volunteers from various parts of the US, handicapped, black and white, mentally ill, skinny and fat, old and young, sad eyes and happy eyes, and other staff members from the admin office ……all of us sharing a meal together…… talking and laughing. Everyone could come back for refills as much as they wanted.

And I saw what heaven looks like. This is the kingdom of God! Hallelujah…All of God’s children having fun together.