Workplace Education

Training programs are offered to all staff and help foster a healthy work environment. 

Anti-Racism/Anti-Discrimination Education – through Common Services, an anti-racism education programs is available as follows:

  • Orientation for all new employees
  • Basic anti-racism education
  • Periodic meetings and/or forums/brown bag lunches

This education helps develop knowledge, awareness, and skills related to race.

Preventing Workplace Harassment – this is a required program and it is designed to help employees recognize, prevent, and report any workplace harassment sexual or non-sexual. 

Workplace HIV/AIDS Education – through the Health and Wholeness Advocacy office, this program is designed to education employees about the HIV/AIDS and prevention in ways that enable them to work through their fears and prejudices. 

Professional Training and Development – All employees are encouraged, in conjunction with their supervisor, to develop and implement a plan for their job-related professional growth.  Employees may be provided assistance with registration, tuition fees, and the cost of required materials.

New Employee Orientation – this program is designed to introduce all new hires to the organization and the workplace.  This is required for all new staff.

Technology hands-on workshops – ongoing workshops are offered to all staff on computer hardware and software programs regularly used in the workplace.  Workshops include basic, intermediate, and advanced training. 

Training and development workshops – as scheduled by HR, these workshops are designed to update staff to new benefits as well as to enhance the professional skills of the staff.  Includes technical and non-technical related topics and are led by certified specialists and consultants who are highly experienced in their fields.  

Workplace Safety Programs – through Common Services, safety training workshops are offered to introduce safety procedures to staff;  re-certification training is offered to floor marshals through the American Red Cross.