The Leaders Box

For more than 25 years, The Leaders Box has proven to be a valuable resource for local church leaders to consult regarding questions of committee structure, staff positions, constitutional revisions, volunteer recruitment, group life, covenant, church membership, and much more.

The original Leaders Box was an actual box with hundreds of letter-size “cards” that could circulate from a church’s library. While some of the cards are notably outdated (for example, one card describes the use of a mimeograph in newsletter production, and there are no cards that provide guidance on the construction of a church website), still much of the informaiton remains insightful for churches today.

Particularly relevant and often-requested cards from The Leaders Box are available in PDF:


Ageism and the Church
Commissioned Ministry
Constitution and Bylaws of Your Church
In Care
Interim Ministry
Local Church
Mission of Your Church
Organization and Structure of Your Church
Pastor’s Family
Persons with Disabilities and the UCC
Power and Authority
Seminaries and the UCC
Theology in the UCC
UCC Polity

Positions, Offices and Organizations

Committee Member
Governing Board Member
Nominating Committee Member
Pastoral Relations Committee Member
Presiding Officer
Secretary of a Group
Secretary of the Church Office
Secretary or Clerk of the Church

Tasks and Skills

Agenda Planning
Annual Meeting Planning
Celebrating Ministries
Church Meals
Church Office Management
Communicating within the Church
Conflict Management
Employing Persons in Your Church
Evaluating a Meeting or Program
Group Building
Group Life
Introducing an Idea
Listening Actively
Members Who Have Moved Away
Minute Keeping
New Member Assimilation
Newsletter Production
Parliamentary Procedure
Personnel Administration
Planning in the Local Church
Position Description Writing
Problem Solving
Program Coordination
Program Planning
Recruiting Volunteers
Report Preparation
Salary Administration
Searching for a Pastor
Seminary Students and Your Church
Teaming of Leaders
Visiting in the Hospital