Hymn Suggestions based on the “Revised Common Lectionary”

Hymn suggestions are from The New Century Hymnal and are based on the “Revised Common Lectionary” and are indicated for the Gospel, Epistle, Psalm, and Hebrew (Old Testament) readings.  Suggestions for all readings are not necessarily included for each service.  (If you are not using The New Century Hymnal check your hymnal index to see if the suggested hymn is listed.) 


First Sunday in Advent (December 1, 2013) through Transfiguration (March 2, 2014)

First Sunday in Lent (March 9, 2014) through Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (July 27, 2014)

Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (August 3, 2014) through Thanksgiving Day (November 27, 2014)