Voting for Climate Justice

2022 brought the hottest summer on record to 26 cities throughout the United States. Then 2023 happened and broke those records, and 2024 is on track to be even worse. We are living through all the natural disasters scientists have warned us about for decades. Extreme heat, flooding, wildfires, and so much more. As we experience these environmental changes we need to look to our own actions as humans and as a country that has led to this outcome. 

Through previous General Synod resolutions, delegates of the United Church of Christ urged strong commitments to climate action at the federal level of the US government, including;    

  • Transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy by 2040 
  • Reducing plastic pollution  
  • Affirming the intersectionality of climate justice with all justice issues  

In the last four years, strides have been made in the fight for climate justice. The Inflation Reduction Act, EPA emission standards for vehicles and power plants, and administrative commitments to remedying historic environmental injustices have moved us in the right direction.  

This progress is good and necessary, but not enough. We need to continue to advance toward a more sustainable and equitable future for all of Creation as we vote with love of the Earth. 

One way that we can continue to move forward is by electing people who will enact policies that reflect UCC values pertaining to climate justice. For this reason, the UCC has launched the Vote for Climate Hope Campaign. Between now and November 1st, UCC churches from across the country will be collecting Climate Hope Voter Pledge Cards. We know that people are more likely to vote if it is connected to a cause they care about, if they make a commitment to someone else, and if they receive a reminder near the time of the election. Register your congregation to collect pledges in your church and broader community. Take the pledge yourself! 

In addition, this coming election season, take a moment to ask candidates questions about their environmental policies.  

For example:  

  • How would you reduce the amount of plastic used in consumer products and remedy the damage done to the environment and our physical health by plastic waste?  
  • Some communities are disproportionately impacted by pollution and environmental harm such as communities of color and low-income communities.  
  • What would you do to ensure environmental justice and equity if elected? 

By discussing these issues with our elected officials, and encouraging others to do the same, we better situate ourselves to make informed decisions grounded in love and care for our community and our planet.  

To take more action on environmental justice and learn about other issues to Vote with Love on, visit Our Faith Our Vote homepage and UCC Enviornmental Justice Resources 

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Voting for Climate Justice

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