United Church of Christ

Mission Trip Leaders Training

Catch the Service Bug

Preparing for your Mission Trip with Youth – Leaders’ Video in 6 Segments


Segment 1 - Adult Leaders as the Magic Makers

Why a Youth Mission Trip Can Be a Fantastic Faith Builder For Your Congregation’s Youth


Segment 2 - Accomplish Something Big – Walking Alongside Each Other

The Right Attitude Means Everything for a Great Youth Mission Trip Experience


Segment 3 - Do Life Together

The Importance of Flexibility for a Successful Youth Mission Trip


Segment 4 - Impacting Lives in Ways You Will Never Know

The Life-Long Impact of Youth Mission


Segment 5 - Get on the Same Page – The How To’s

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Youth Mission Trip


Segment 6 - Called to be Part of Something Bigger – Mission Trip Follow Up

The Importance of a Post-Youth Trip Follow Up


Download the Avon Lake UCC Summer 2016 Mission Trip Guidebook as an example to guide you in your planning.

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