Commissioning and Covenant Service for Mission Trip Groups and Congregations

A Covenant & Commissioning Service
For Mission Teams and Congregations 


This group of disciples has committed themselves to a mission experience.  They will travel together, meet new people, and encounter God in unexpected ways.  We gather to send them in mission as God's people.  We go with them through support and prayer, through blogs and reports.  We anticipate receiving them when they return by opening our congregation to the new ideas and commitments they bring home.

Scripture Reading:  John 20:11-18


Congregation:  May stood weeping outside the tomb.

Team:  We go to put ourselves in places of the world's suffering-perhaps to weep together.

Congregation:  She turned around and spoke to the gardener who actually was the risen Jesus.

Team:  God comes to us and the world in new and unexpected ways.

Congregation:  She heard her name - and her life changed.

Team:  we go outside our comfort zones on this trip.  We travel and work and listen as god's people.  We accept the hospitality of others.  We share our own gifts and talents and selves without expectations.

Congregation:  She ran back home to tell the other disciples of her experience of the risen Christ.  Their lives were changed.

Team:  We commit ourselves to continuing our involvement with the people and issues we encounter upon our involvement with the people and issues we encounter upon our return home.

Congregational Covenant

One:  By participating in the commissioning of this group, we commit ourselves to God's continuing testament.

Congregation:  ... to recognizing anew God's continuing life-giving acts in the world.

One:  We commit ourselves to changed lives.

Congregation:  ... that our congregation will be open to new ways of being God's people in the world through the mission experience of this group.

One:  Go, to share yourself and hear your name.  Return to live the resurrection story.


Rev. Mary Schaller Blaufuss
Team Leader, Global Sharing of Resources
700 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115