United Church of Christ

Disaster Ministries sending aid to New York Conference UCC to cope with COVID-19

UCC Disaster Ministries is contributing $25,000 to the New York Conference for its work in the state hardest hit by novel coronavirus pandemic. This grant is the first in an unfolding multi-agency program of response to COVID-19. 

Advocate in Place

This week, the world passed a grim threshold. Over 3 million cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide, and 1/3 of those reported are here in the U.S.

Indy hospital chaplains appeal to congregations to continue virtual worship

Two UCC chaplains serving hospitals in Indianapolis have shared a video message urging congregations to continue worshipping virtually, no matter what the state and federal governments say.


Global updates reveal COVID-19 challenges, inequalities, as UCC partners aid the vulnerable

How do you wash your hands of coronavirus in an African draught? Why is the president of the Philippines giving shoot-to-kill orders during a pandemic? Where do Palestinians get health care while blockaded in Gaza? What can North Americans do to help? Those are some questions and themes emerging from live COVID-19 updates being offered via Facebook by Global Ministries.

We are with you

In a letter to churches, United Church of Christ Executive Officers offer support and encouragement as they urge congregations to continue virtual worship.

UCC national staff work from home continues until June

The state of Ohio will begin emerging from under a stay-at-home order on Friday, May 1. But the United Church of Christ national staff will continue its home deployment until at least June 1.

Domestic violence, mental health issues heighten in pandemic; pastors, churches can respond

Domestic violence has increased worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay-at-home orders have also heightened the intensity of mental health issues. Both are areas where pastors and congregations can help by being especially alert, according to United Church of Christ staff specialists.

Race and COVID-19

When the pandemic started escalating in the U.S., I thought without thinking of it through the lens of my privilege.

UCC leaders condemn president’s plan to freeze immigration

UCC leaders speak out against President Trump’s plan to freeze immigration because of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Fix systems that pandemic reveals are broken, Earth Day panelists urge

A national ministry of the United Church of Christ celebrated Earth Day's 50th anniversary with calls to protect nurses, African Americans and poor people during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to fix food, health and other systems that have links to the environment – and are now revealed to be broken.