Rebekah Choate named Global Ministries Associate for Global Advocacy and Education

Beka.2017.jpgGlobal Ministries, the common overseas ministry of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), is welcoming a new Associate for Global Advocacy and Education. Rebekah Choate, currently a member of the UCC’s Global Sharing of Resources team, is taking on that position, effective Nov. 1.  

“I am excited to work with partners both globally and domestically to advance justice and equality. I’m also very interested in hearing stories from partners that I can amplify in our aim to create a just world for all,” said Choate. “I’m really looking forward to learning more and continuing conversations and partnerships globally and nationally.”

 “We have been in the search process to fill this position, which had been held by Derek Duncan, since he was named Executive for East Asia and the Pacific earlier this year,” said Peter Makari, team leader of Global Ministries (Cleveland). “Beka brings an understanding of Global Ministries, an enthusiasm for and intellectual engagement in the world and global issues, and an ability to communicate well with various audiences effectively.”

The Associate for Global Advocacy and Education is a position that serves all of Global Ministries and both denominations, working especially closely with the five area offices and office for Mission Engagement, all of which are located in Cleveland and in Indianapolis.

Choate, who will continue to be based at the UCC national setting in Cleveland, currently serves as a Communications Associate in Wider Church Ministries and, since Oct. 2016, with the Publishing, Identity, and Communications (PIC) team. Before her role with Global Sharing of Resources, she was an Administrative Assistant for Communications in Wider Church Ministries.

Choate holds a BA in International Studies from American University, with a minor in Art History; and an MA from University College of London, in Politics, Security, and Integration, completing a dissertation entitled, “The Politicization of Education and its Impact on Reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”   

I’m bringing a knowledge and passion for international affairs and political science to this role as well as communications skills that I’ve honed in my current role as Communications Associate,” Choate said. “I’ve had opportunities in the past to travel and live abroad so I have a knowledge of and sensitivity to different cultures and different ways of doing things.”

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