Cynthia Butts

Class of 2025, At Large

Cynthia Butts (Class of 2025, At Large) brings experience as a music and church leader, and racial equity educator to her work with the United Church of Christ. Her education includes a degree in music and training in Taking Action for Racial Equity and Working Effectively Across Differences, a program with Capacity Building Partnerships.

Cynthia served as Minister of Music at Ainsworth United Church of Christ for 12 years. She participates in the Reckoning with Racism cohorts with The Common Table and is a member of the United Church of Christ, Central Pacific Conference Board. She currently is Moderator for the UCC, CPC board.

In her personal life she loves singing, storytelling and meeting people from all walks of life. She shares her life in Portland, Oregon with her wife, Ellen and their two cats, Sweetpea and Buster.