Mission Minute – Somalia


Abdullah_now_i_am_a_student.jpgAbdullah is 10 years old and from Somalia. Back in 2011, Abdullah, his mother,
and young brother fled Somalia because of the conflict there, and have been
living in Indonesia ever since.

“In 2013, my dream finally came true,” said Abdullah. “Maria Angelia informed
my mother that my enrollment in the primary school near our house had
been successful.” Maria is a Church World Service staff person working with
refugees in Indonesia.

Abdullah enjoys getting ready for his school day. He appreciates the
opportunity to attend school, just like other children his age around the world.
One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) supports reading. Your gifts to the offering
provide books, schools supplies and teachers in communities where children
like Abdullah, need opportunities to attend school.



MelecioAlexMorseFRB2014.jpgMelicio is a Farmer in Nueva Frontera, a municipality in the Honduran
department of Santa Bárbara.

Hunger and sustainable agriculture are being addressed in Melicio’s
community. Farmers, both young and old are helping one another learn new
and lasting ways to farm and to yield the best harvest. One lesson includes
learning how to compost.

Melicio and others are embracing composting. Together, they are reaping the
benefits of better crops and better care for their land. Together, they are
hoping to put more food on the table for their families, and increase their
ability to sell produce at market.

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) helps farmers by addressing food security
issues through practices such as composting. Together, we are increasing the
world’s access to good and healthy food.


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